Unexpected Love

This is a DragonBallZ Fanfic. Goku and Vegeta. There will be yaoi in this so if you don't like yaoi, don't read it. Please review! Just try not to be mean, I haven't written for a very long time, so I'm a little rusty.
ALSO I do not own Goku, Vegeta or any other characters. I am simply borrowing them :D


14. Doubts

~~Goku’s POV~~

            I awoke to the smell of turkey and ham coming from the kitchen. I glanced at the clock, only to find that it was nearly 4:00 in the afternoon. I gasped and jumped up quickly, nearly falling off the couch. I couldn’t believe that I had really slept that long. I also began to wonder why Vegeta didn’t bother waking me up. Then I suddenly remembered what I had told him before I fell asleep. I had told him that I was pregnant, and he seemed really happy about it. Hell he even still wanted to marry me after I told him, but still, I couldn’t shake this feeling of doubt that I had in my head. I began to wonder how he really felt about the baby. I decided that it was something that he and I needed to discuss tonight, but I’d wait until after dinner and after the boys were asleep. I glanced down at my stomach, only to see a small ball of white fur curled up on it. I smiled a little and reached down to pet the little fluff ball. Snow was Vegeta’s gift to me for Christmas, along with him proposing to me, which caused my eyes to wander down to my ring finger, a small smile forming on my face. The ring he had gotten me was gold along the outside with a small band of silver going through the middle all the way around. I suddenly noticed that the ring had an engraving on it. I pulled my hand up to my eyes and squinted a little bit so that I could read it. It read: Vegeta and Goku, a love that will last forever. A small tear escaped from my eye when I saw that the ring said Goku instead of Kakarot. He never ever used my earth name, but he must have wanted to make this special. I placed my hand back down and just stared at the ceiling, not moving again until I head footsteps come into the living room. I peeked up over the couch and smiled a little.

            “You’re finally up, Kaka.” Vegeta smiled and walked over to me, placing a small kiss on my forehead.

            “I am. Is food ready, Geta?” I asked, curiously.

            “It is, now come on.” He replied. He took my hand and pulled me into the kitchen. Goten and Trunks were already sitting at the table, scarfing down food like there was no tomorrow. I sat down next to Vegeta and the two of us also started scarfing down the food. Now that I was carrying a child, I knew that I was going to have to eat at least twice as much as I already did in order to feed the baby and still get enough for myself. As I ate, I still continued to think about if Vegeta really wanted the baby or not. I couldn’t help but hope that he did. I really hoped that he wasn’t just saying that he did in order to make me feel better about this whole thing. I mean after all, he is my fiancé now, but that doesn’t mean that things won’t change. A bunch of what if’s started to go through my head…what if he leaves me…? What if he doesn’t want me anymore because I’m going to get fat? What if…I was cut off by someone asking me a question. I shook my head and glanced over at Vegeta.

            “Kaka, I asked you if you were excited about all this.” He gave me a concerned expression, as did the boys.

            “Of course I am, Geta. Why wouldn’t I be?” I asked, trying to sound as calm and collected as possible.

            “You just seem like something’s bothering you, dad.” Goten glanced at me and tilted his head.

            “Don’t worry son, I’m fine. Just a little nervous, that’s all. I never would have thought that I could get pregnant so it’s a bit of a shock.” That wasn’t a lie. It was a bit of a shock. My expression when I took a pregnancy test and saw that it was positive was nothing but shock and fear. I had even gone over to Bulma’s to confirm it, and she was just as shocked as I was.

            “Kaka…” Vegeta placed a firm hand on my shoulder, which caused me to look over at him. “If something’s bothering you…I need you to tell me. I’ve told you that before. Now I understand if you don’t want to talk in front of the boys, but I think after dinner you and I should talk when you’re ready.” And with that we all continued to eat silently. The only thing going through my head were thoughts about how I was going to ask him about all of this and what would happen if he really didn’t want this baby.

            Once dinner was done, Goten and Trunks rushed to the living room and began playing video games while I helped Vegeta clean up the kitchen and put away the leftovers. We didn’t talk throughout that whole process, and once the kitchen was done, I decided to go take a nice hot shower. It would give me more time to think about how I was going to bring this up to Vegeta. I knew I had to try and keep calm about it, but I don’t think it’s going to be that easy. I turned the water on and began to undress as I waited for it to heat up. As I waited, I found myself looking in the mirror at my stomach. It hadn’t really changed much. There was a slight difference, but not enough to tell that I was pregnant. I’d also have to ask Vegeta how these pregnancies worked. He knew more about the Saiyans than I did so I was sure that he’d be able to tell me. I sighed and slowly got in the shower, closing the curtain behind me. I placed my hands against the wall and hung my head. I really shouldn’t be this worried, but I just can’t help it. I continued to think as I washed my hair and rinsed it before grabbing soap and washing my body. All this stress wasn’t good for the baby that much I knew. I needed to calm down so that I wouldn’t hurt the little life form growing inside of me. Sighing I decided to rinse off and I got out of the shower, turning the water off as I went. I grabbed a towel and tried myself off, being careful of my stomach. I know it’s a full blooded Saiyan baby, but I still wanted to be careful with it. Once I was dry, I pulled on a pair of sweatpants and made my way to my room. As I entered, I found Vegeta there, waiting for me, his arms crossed over his chest and for a moment, I felt slight fear creep into my body.

            “Come here, Kakarot.” I hesitated but slowly moved over to the bed. Vegeta made me on the bed beside him.

            “Geta…” I started but was shushed by his hand. He moved to where he was leaning against the headboard and motioned for me to come closer, which I did. He made me settle against his chest and began running his fingers through my damp hair.

            “Now tell me what’s on your mind, dear.” He whispered softly. I took a breath and glanced up at him. He was staring at me with soft, concerned eyes, which didn’t make me feel much better.

            “Geta…I…I…” Without warning, tears came flooding from my eyes, causing shock to come to his face.

            “Kaka…!” He held me tightly, trying to calm me down but it failed.          

            “Geta! I’m scared! I’m worried that you really don’t want his baby with me! I’ve been having doubts since the day I found out! I’m just worried that you’re going to leave me all alone with the baby! A-and I don’t want that!” I bawled, burring my face in his chest and soaking my shirt with his tears.

~~Vegeta’s POV~~

            I couldn’t believe what I had just heard. I stared down at my sobbing mate with nothing but shock on my face. How could this idiot think that I didn’t want the baby, even after I had asked him to marry me and everything. I suddenly sighed to myself and hugged Kakarot close to me. I wasn’t expecting him to have any doubts, especially with our bond, but with everything he’s been through, I shouldn’t really be surprised. I heard him cough against my chest and he suddenly looked up at me, his eyes stained red from crying. It caused pain in my heart to see him look so upset and so broken. He started to look down again but I caught his chin and forced him to look back at me.

            “G-Geta…?” He whimpered softly.

            “Kakarot…please understand this. I want nothing more than to start a family with you. I’m thrilled that you’re having our child. The first full blooded Saiyan baby born in decades and I’m glad that you’re the one carrying it. I wouldn’t want it to be anyone else because I know how gentle and caring you are. I know you’re going to be careful throughout this pregnancy because you don’t want any harm to come to the baby, and I promise, I will stay here by your side. Even after the baby is born. You and I will raise this child together and you and I will get married and live out our lives together. We are mates, you and I, and you’re the only one I want to spend the rest of my life with. I couldn’t ask for a more perfect mate. No matter how moody you get, how sick you get, or how scared you get, I will never leave your side. I love you very much…” I took a deep breath, choosing my last word carefully, I ended up repeating myself in order to finish the sentence fully, “I love you very much, Goku…”

            As soon as I said that, his eyes lit up. I never ever used his earth name, but I did have it engraved on his ring because I wanted it to be special for him. He threw his arms around my neck tightly and began crying again, probably because I used that earth name of his. I just wanted to make him happy and show him how much I really do care, so I figured using his earth name would make him understand and see just how much I cared.

            “G-Geta…” He whispered against my neck.

            “Yes?” I asked, rubbing his back smoothly.

            “W-will you please…say it again…” He asked fairly quietly. If I didn’t have Saiyan hearing, I probably wouldn’t have heard the request.

            “Of course…but don’t get too used to me saying it. I’m only going to say it when you’re sad. Alright, Goku?” I grinned softly and he pulled back, looking deep into my eyes.

            “Just promise me that you’ll say it every now and again…” He smiled and I just nodded. “I’m really sorry I doubted you Vegeta…It’s just that I was scared, and now that I know you really aren’t going to leave me…I’m not so scared anymore…”

            “Well. So long as you aren’t scared anymore, that’s all that matters to me.” I smiled and pulled the blanket over the two of us, holding him close to my chest. “It’s time to get some sleep.”

            “Alright…I love you Geta…so very much…” He yawned and nestled down against my chest, gripping my shirt tightly.

            “I love you too…Goku…” I whispered softly and with that, we both passed out in each other’s arms.


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