Somewhere in between

Blake Winter has had a sheltered life - ballet classes, gymnastic lessons, home school. Being best friends with Harry Styles made her childhood interesting. However, upon her 21st birthday, her life takes a very dark turn.


1. Stranger

Adulthood. The big two-one.

I rolled over, putting both my hands behind my head as I stared up at the ceiling. I sat up in bed, the cool breeze stinging my face. 

I pulled off my sweater, I reached over for my phone. 

'Happy 21st! Drinks, tonight?  xxx S'

I raised an eyebrow and looked through the other birthday messages. Stepping out of bed, the morning air sent shivers along my bare legs. A hot bath was needed. 

I put on some music - Oh Wonder -  as I chugged a glass of water - it tasted weird, probably from being left out in the open for the whole night - and walked to the bathroom to get my bath ready. I put in a capful of lavender-scented bubble bath. A bubble bath over a bath bomb any day.

Later that morning, I drove to the nearby McDonalds', ordered myself a vanilla milkshake and large fries. Mm breakfast. 

Just as I was chewing on my fifth fry, someone took a seat beside me. A hand reached out to steal a fry which caused me to give a tight slap on the top of the hand. 

"Ouch," Skye yelped. 

"You should know better than to steal my food," I smirked. I wrapped an arm protectively around my tray and shifted my body to shield it from her fry-ing hands.

She scoffed, reaching around to take my milkshake. I clucked my tongue. "You're supposed to be extra nice to me today."

"Why? It's not like your birthday or anything." She slurped through the straw, busy scrolling through her phone. I turned away, slightly offended. "Wait, it's your birthday?" 

She giggled, putting down my milkshake. "I'm joking." She had her hand behind her back. Skye showed me a small wrapped present. "Open it," she instructed, with a twinkle in her eye. 

I turned my seat towards her as I ripped it open. It was a small cardboard box. 

"It's a key." 

She laughed again, reaching out to gently press the furrow between my eyebrows. Skye cradled my face and leaned in then pressed her lips gently to mine. "It's to my place," she whispered against my lips. "You don't have to move in right away but I've cleared some place in my closet and there's an empty drawer whenever you want to."

I nodded slowly. The moment was interrupted by my phone ringing in my pocket. I adjusted the beanie on my head and looked at the caller ID. 

"Who is it?"

"No one important." I rejected the call and placed my phone on the counter. Not 5 minutes later, my phone rang again. 

"You should answer it." I sucked on the straw of my milkshake and shook my head. "Hello?" Her hand shot out to grab it before I could stop her. Quick hands. "Yeah, she's right here. Hang on." She passed me the phone.

I grimaced before putting it to my ear. "Hey." 

"You didn't pick up."

"Ahuh." I dipped another fry into my almost empty milkshake. Skye was picking at the remainder of my fries - she usually ate healthy but I guess this was her cheat day. 

"So we're on for tonight?" 

"What do you mean?"

"My text. Didn't you read it?"

"Yeah, I read it."

"Right. So we're going for drinks, then?"

"You're not even in town." I was hoping that was a clear enough 'No'. 

He laughed, a sound that I couldn't stop but smile at regardless of how badly I wanted to resist. I cleared my throat in an attempt to make it disappear. 

"That's why I'm flying in. I don't suppose you have a spare room?"

"Nope." I ended the call and put my phone aside. In all honesty, there was plenty of space to spare. Making his life difficult brought me immense pleasure. 

The rest of the day was fine, nothing eventful. Skye and I bought a tub of ice cream to complement the chocolate fudge cake we got and spent the rest of the day watching episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Skye was the one who was addicted to this stuff. I just watched it for amusement. 

"I think I wanna dye my hair teal, like her." 

Skye rolled over on top of me, then pushed herself up with her hands to straddle me so she could play with my hair. "Yeah, you could probably pull that off." I reached up to take one of her hands and kissed her fingertips.

"Would you still be into me if I dyed my hair platinum blonde?" Skye looked like she'd smelled something disgusting. 

"Ew, no." I crossed my arms over my chest which she pulled at, laughing. 

"You're hot regardless of what you do with your hair." She bent down to kiss my cheek. 

"Oh, you think I'm hot huh?" I smirked and placed a hand behind her neck to pull her lips closer to mine. 

"Mmhm," she murmured against my lips. 

Apparently, the K-fam could wait as an intense make-out session began. It'd already gotten to the part where we were taking our clothes off when my phone rang. 

I groaned, refusing to let my hands leave her hips. She rolled onto her back beside me on the bed. "Answer it." Her eyes had gone back to the tv. 

"Will you come pick me up?"

"Didn't think you'd actually come." I sat up. 

"Of course I did. Now, could you please come get me?"

I looked over my shoulder at Skye intently watching Kim K strut around in a tight dress and pursed my lips. "No can do, I'm busy with....some family stuff." I glanced at the tv. Once again, I ended the call before he could put in another word. Before I could try to rekindle the romance after putting my cell on silent, the doorbell went off. 

"Are you gonna get that?" Skye asked.

"Nah, it's probably some dude trying to sell us some stuff we don't need. They'll go away soon." I traced the curves of her body with my finger. 

The doorbell went off again. 

I bent down to kiss her neck. 

The knocking began. 

"Babe." Skye groaned. 

"Yeah yeah, I'll get it." 

I slipped on a sweater and pants and took my time to make my way to the front door. 

"Still live in this lousy apartment huh?"




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