Somewhere in between

Blake Winter has had a sheltered life - ballet classes, gymnastic lessons, home school. Being best friends with Harry Styles made her childhood interesting. However, upon her 21st birthday, her life takes a very dark turn.


2. Change

"Who is it?" Skye came out with a blanket wrapped around her shoulders. 

My head was on a swivel. "Uhh...this's..."

 "You're Harry." Harry invited himself in to shake Skye's hand.

He smirked. "The one and only."

"Blake's told me a lot about you." She pulled the blanket around herself tighter. Skye gave a quick shake before reclaiming her hand. 

"Only good things I hope," he joked. "Sorry, I didn't catch your name."


He nodded approvingly. Harry put down the jacket he'd been holding on the sofa. "Come here." He closed the distance between us and squeezed me with his strong slender arms. He leaned out to look me in the eyes. "Happy Birthday." 

I took a step back when I sensed he was about to plant a kiss on my cheek. I crossed my arms and stood beside Skye. "You're a bit late." I felt a sharp jab in my ribs that jolted me awake.  I glared at Skye. It was almost midnight. "Thanks," I mumbled. 

"Are you going for drinks in that?" 

"I'm going for drinks? I-"

"She's going to get dressed." Skye tugged me by my elbow towards the bedroom. "We'll be back soon. There's a beer in the fridge if you're thirsty."

"I'm not going for drinks with Harry." Skye closed the door behind us and headed to the closet. 

"Yes, you are. And you're wearing this. Hot, not too slutty. Definitely gonna turn some heads." 

"Is this a test?" I raised an eyebrow. "I'd never cheat on you." 

She pecked me on the lips. "You better not." She passed me the clothes. "It's your birthday. And he's actually here. You haven't seen him in twenty years. Have fun." She kissed me again. "Just not too much fun."

I kissed her cheek. "I'll try to survive." 

"We'll take my car." I waved to Skye. The journey to the carpark was quiet, on a few levels.  I got in the car, revving up the engine. Harry got in, raked his fingers through his boyish hair and flipped through the radio channels until he found one to his liking. "Really?" 

"It's a catchy song." He start hand-dancing and face-dancing to it. Ironically, this song couldn't be more accurate to how I'd answer almost every yes-no question he directed at me. "So," he turned the radio down a bit. "Where ya taking me?"

"You'll see."

"Ah, a surprise. How exciting." He tapped his fingers on his knee. He reached out to look through the compartment closest to him. 

"Stop that." 

Harry sighed, closing the compartment with a click. "You look great." He pointed to my hair. "Short hair complements you."

Yes, Harry. A lot of things have changed. 

"Skye's really fit." 

I nodded. Oh yes, yes she is. I smiled to myself. 

"Is she-"

"We're here." I parked the car at my usual spot, pleased to see it was empty when we arrived. A bright flash of orange. 

We walked in and I looked around, immediately struck by the familiar scent of alcohol and sweat and other things.  "Hey! Spicy!"

I laughed and took a seat right at the bar. "Jerry, what's up?"

"Eh, slow night. The usual?" 

He put an empty glass from under the counter. "Yeah." 

"This one with you?" He gestured to Harry who was clearly amused by this exchange. I nodded. 

"What'll be for you?" Tom was cleaning a glass with a dish towel, making an assessment of Harry. 

"Whatever she's having." 

As Tom poured him a glass, he leaned in to me. "I thought drinking here was illegal for under 21s." He gave me a look.

"It is. Jerry and I go way back. We're...good friends." I smirked at Tom, who added a wink. 

Harry looked away and took a long sip from his brew.

Yes, Harry. A shitload of things have changed.




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