Ann Marie is the typical girl, but doesn't live of anything near typical. Her job is to keep every human safe from the nightmares that entered their world hundreds of years ago. While still attending the academy of hunters.

Those Nightmares or monsters, whatever you prefer, need the humans more than anything. But it's not always the humans want to cooperate, so they hire a hunter to protect them or those who have been targeted by the monsters.

What a bloodbath.


1. 1. Chapter.

"Who The HELL do you think you are!?" 'he' yelled, who is he? my personal trainer of course! silly reader. 


"you dared to enter that stage being as young as you are?!" he spat everywhere as he continued to scold me for stepping up for my city. I was ten at the moment, i started my training young, as well as giving the whole nation a heart attack for seeing such a young girl step up as defender of cities across the country.

"You're a little kid!" He swung his arms around like a freak show. "What makes you think i want to train you anyways!?" His blood red face was right in front of mine.

"What other choice is there?" I asked calmly, because sometimes that best thing you can do is stay calm. "I can kick you out on the damn streets!" He pointed at the huge wooden door that led out to the chaotic reality. "Sir, i realise pleading for help is out of the question, but there is no one else to train from the start. And if you want to learn, you should start early" i looked him dead in the eye.

He grunted unpleased and tossed and turned every chair and table. "You're going to break into pieces! You're just a little girl!" He mumbled again and took around his black beard.

"If i break then i'll break, throw me for the wolves if i can't handle the training" i looked at the wooden door again. "Im sure they'll take me otherwise" a little bit of guilt in the recipe and you have a perfect example of a manipulator.

"Fine, choose your class" he showed me a room with weapons, i walked over and looked at the choices. A Sword, the fighter. A Bow, the sudden death. A scythe, The Reaper. And last, but not least, Two Guns, The End.


If you're still here then I assume you would like the story to continue.

Fast foward 9 years, I obviously picked the guns, thinking i could always learn how to use the others if needed. And oh boy was i right.

"I master The Sword, The Bow, And the Guns" i told newcomers who had just arrived to the academy. 'Oohs' and 'wows' all over the place, because each year you have to present your abilities to the other students.

"What was your first pick" a little voice said and i looked at a little boy sitting beside me, probably at the age of 12 or something. "The Guns" i said and proceeded with writing down each persona, name, class, skill. I like to have complete control over the next generation.

"When did ya' start?" He asked again. "Age of ten" i sighed and wrote down another name, there's a lot of new hunters this year. "Wow thats younger than me! I got scolded by my parents when i stepped up. "Aha, where are ya' from kiddo?" I said put my pen down. I made eye contact with him and he gulped. "Im from sector 2, near the capital" he said a little bit lower.

"Why on earth would a rich kid want to be a hunter?" I asked and lifted my eyebrow. "I donnu, my brother told me to" he sighed. What a shit brother, he just wanted him to leave. "What kind of guy is your bro?" I tried to look nicer. He smiled at me, success. "He is a Hunter! He is almost done with his training too!" He got super excited, what a cute kid. "Aha, thats nice"

Two rich kids? What were they thinking. "What's your name? I didn't quite get that" he smiled at me again, he's up to something. "Why?" I raised my brow again. "Curious" he smiled, it's getting creepy. "come here" i told him to get closer. "i know your brother" i whispered and pulled away.

He looked defeated. "Please tell me your name, he promised me candy" he whispered. "Xavier is an ass, and i can get you more candy than he can"

"Really!?" He jumped from his chair. I nodded and he looked up in the row above us. "forget it Xavier" i said with a cold voice. "Thanks for trying Daniel" Xavier sighed and i looked up on him. His face was buried in the wooden table so i could only see his long brown spiky hair on the counter.

"There there, no need for crying" Daniel Patted him on the head. "She is way too good for you anyways". Xavier started grumbling. "stop biting the table" i sighed and picked up my things. "Pleaaase, partner up with me!" He pleaded and ran right up behind me, the idiot is much taller so i could feel his shadow hovering over me. "Im solo" i said and made a sharp turn, Xavier almost slipped and looked incredibly clumsy. "Please" he grabbed and held onto my shoulder but i kept on walking, i ended up carrying him all the way out In the yard.

"Let go you persistent, clingy, way too curious little child" i dragged him off. "Im older than you, bigger than you and stronger than you"

"Then you don't need me" I asked and picked a apple from the schools apple trees. "But!"

"No, my decision is made, i'm not putting my life in the hands of others" i whispered and he frowned. "i'm going to be there when you need me" he said and left. "that was quite odd, he normally flips a table or two when i deny his requests, but ok, i'll call when i need you"


end of chapter 1.

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