A true love story, written in verse and based on me and my boyfriend.


3. Three

A day after the panic attack,

I gave Francis a link to a chat website

That wasn’t blocked by the school(yet).

We used it to talk in class,

Neither of us caring

that we kept getting yelled at by our teachers

to “Close the Chromebook and pay attention!”


Two days after the panic attack,

Francis sent me a tentative message.


Um, Sky? Can I...ask you a question?


Sure! Ask your question.


...um, never mind, I’ll ask you at lunch.


Awe, come on! Ask me now! Pleeeeaaasssee


No, I’ll ask you at lunch


Francisss ask me now! Please?


Um...will you...

Will you go out with me?


Everything froze as I gawked at those words,

Everything except for my conflicted thoughts.

Yes! Yes! A million times yes!


Are you crazy? He’s a freshman, you’re a senior!


It doesn’t matter, it’s not like we’re sleeping together.

And it’s not like anyone would be surprised,

I’ve never acted my age, why should I date it?


What’re you going to do when you graduate?


Long-distance, duh.


Oh, yeah, ‘cause that worked out great the first time.


The first time was a stupid summer fling.

This...this could be something real...

Something about him is different.

I’m saying yes.


And yes is exactly what I typed.

And when I looked up from my screen

after sending that blessed Y-E-S,

I swear the world was brighter, more colorful.


We met up after class by the staircase,

and hugged.

It was a long, warm hug...a hug that I never wanted to end.

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