A true love story, written in verse and based on me and my boyfriend.


1. One

The only thing

that I remember

about that day




I remember the feel

Of a warm body bumping against me

As I crouched on the hall floor,

Chatting with a friend.

I wasn’t angry, just startled

by the sudden contact.


I turned,

And there he was:

Blushing and apologizing.

His eyes were warm, brown…


I could see the shadow of a rough past,

Of darkened emotions.

I recognized it easily,

As it was a shadow that I had seen

In the reflection of my own eyes

For two years.


As he apologized again and again,

I couldn’t help thinking,

“Damn, he’s cute.”

I reassured him,

Telling him I wasn’t pissed off

that he bumped into me.

What I didn’t tell him

Was that, deep down, I was happy

To have him bump into me.

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