Songfic Competition Entry

Put the Gun Down ~Andy Black

Red for swearing, drug and alcohol use, suicidal thoughts/ actions, and Violence


1. Mistake

~Andy's Pov~

I sat there shocked at Juliet's reaction, I didn't think that she would care it was almost five years ago! They had just gotten together and he didn't think much of it but apparently it was a mistake. He didn't realize that it would later hurt the women he loved... but it did. I watched in terror as she stood up hot tears running down her face in what seemed like an endless stream. I had always told her she looked beautiful even when she was crying...but this time it's different. She screams at me as I numbly wait for her to calm down. I want to explain but I can't get the words to form, it just sounds like, "but ummm uh" Insted of grabbing her and telling her that I love her and I don't want her to leave, I don't move to stop her as she walks away, clearly about to leave, when she turns around and says four words, before she runs out of the restaurant into the poring rain, but this time these four words are not "I love you Andy" or "Ill see you later". These are four words that I can never unhear her say. "Weddings off...were done" and with no warning what so ever I feel the crash of reality fall over me as I burst into tears. She's gone.

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