The legend of Vargrito

Two Lovers happily together but something bad fallen the woman,The man fights for a cure.


1. The meet of two Dream Makers

Your riding a boat to the volcano while looking at stars,

And then you walk forward a bridge

And the moon shines on you

And then you see a city far way and a tree ahead of you.

then you are thinking of your life and how all negotiate comments of the past seem to fade. As you think of your best friend beside you while you walk down the bridge

But then you saw a tiger infront of you,you weren't afraid of it and you looked into its eyes,the power it release made you energetic

The tiger is you best friend. You spend a while with the majestic creature and you feel as if you,yourself have become part of an animal in some way

And then the tiger ran away as he felt a great power came rushing towards you,you didn't know why but since your born people feared you

You feel abandoned from the world. Different from the are not like the others. You are a dreamer

You could feel the power beneath your soul you could feel more stronger than others

As if you were one of few. The only one who stands out. You sense you are special. And you know there are very few that think like you.

Although your special you respect others you don't use your powers for evilness you use it for goodness it was like your God

You keep your talents hidden,in fear that people might not understand. You don't want to be made fun of.

So you grew older and older the people you loved died you were alone in the world without love it seemed like your power was loss

Until one meet someone. You think to yourself "does she think like you?" You want to ask,but your afraid. What if she doesn't think like you do

Without you saying anything she looked into your eyes it was like she had some sort of powers,she invited you to go to her house you accepted with fear that she know that your not ordinary

As you appear at her home it's not like the others. It's a cloud. Made up of pure imagination. You now know she is exactly like you. The one you have searched for. Someone to share and dream with.

Both of you joined together,the power you both give out was unbeatable nothing could hurt both of you,you both made peace to the world

The both of you were indestructible , a force unable to be broken. You both were meant to be. You are the same. Dreamers.soul mates. The one you have been searching for

Both of you were forever hidden nobody ever saw both of you again you both gained the power to rule the world

Both of you made the galaxy keeping the world held together. You were the glue to the universe.

But one day you received a message from something saying "Well Well Well we have came to rule your galaxy but first we need to destroy you both

And so the battle become wounded but your partner is not....she has need shot down....slowly fading...

So both of you had no choice but to flee leaving death to the Galaxy both of you reached a planet and you called for help but nobody was there both of you were badly injured and needed some rest

You both fall asleep. But when u awake you are not on the planet. Your floating...but where. There is nothing around. Just you two alone. In the blank abyss of nothing

Then you realised that you were sucked into the black hole within hours you both will run out of oxygen and die,both of you quickly find a place to escape

You search for hours, both of you breathing very heavily. Oxygen is running out. You both cannot breath. Your running out of oxygen. Is this the end? Just as you can take a final breath,you burst out of the black hole like a shooting star. Going...going...going..gone.

You woke up and you find yourself alone inside a place seems like some sort of space ship a giant space ship,you started to fear and wondering where your partner when,you wouldn't be able to live without her you quickly explored around to find her

You realize your in a room. No door no nothing. She is gone and your alone. You have to look for her. You search around. You find a button. Barely there but there. You push it. A small door slides and you see her. Sitting staring at the wall. She turns around. It's her..but...she is different. Something is wrong. She doesn't smile like she used to. She looks away at you like you have done something wrong. You don't know what you have wonder "what happened?"....."did I do something?

You quickly speak to her trying to ask her what happened she wasn't answering you it was like she didn't know who you are,you feared so much more you cried,fearing that you would lose her but you told yourself to not fear because if you do you will never get out of here,you quickly hold her hand and find clues to escape someone is behind this someone made her forget me

You look into her eyes,but she turns away not looking at you. "Hey what's wrong with you?" You ask her. She doesn't reply. After a long while you let go. You sit just looking at her. She won't look. After a long time you look away. You eventually fall asleep. The morning. You wake up,she is there looking at you. Your eyes meet. She stares for a while. She remembers but something is different. A new chapter in your lives has begun.

2 years later you and your partner living together in a abandoned place your partner was able to know who you are but unable to remember her past,the world was in danger evil ruled the world only you and your partner could save the world therefore you told to yourself "I got to carry on find someone that can help us someone,that could make her remember her past.

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