The 5 Dimension

The legendary Wolf,Fareon,Enters a magical portal to save his love but it wasn't that easy,There was 5 dimensions to go through to find and rescue his love,Icion.


2. Vurdraz Dimension

It's been 5 months now and Fareon still hasn't seen the portal he saw last night...With his love Icion,He missed her so much that he could die to see her one more time,He wants her to be safe that's all he ever wanted.

Fareon sat outside the cave,Staring at the stars there were thousands he could see,After staring awhile he saw a shooting star he quickly wished "I wish I could see Icion again"

He thought to himself if it would ever happen,He howls at the moon howl and howl and howl wishing Icion heard him,Lightning started to begin the Wind and Rain was stronger than the weight of Fareon,Not Long enough He feels like he have felted it before,The night where Icion was gone!

Fareon prepared for it and with a blink of a eye the portal appeared,With the same 5 Colours he saw last night,The strong wind rushes him to the portal and "poof" he disappeared as well.

Fareon: Arghhh Where am I?

With confusion Fareon eyes sees weird things,Trees without leafs,Dirt without grass,Ashes everywhere no sign of animals or sound of birds chirping,Fareon slowly walks and howl out.

After some walking Fareon noticed a huge building nearby he quickened his footsteps and approached,The building had a thick wall made out of Cobble stone!

Staring for awhile a voice calls out to him,"Who are you? What do you want?!"

Fareon sees a Snake holding a spear and another Snake holding a Bow and Arrow,He replies with curiosity and replied,"I want nothing from you I'm here to save.." Without finishing the gates open and a bunch of snakes with steel Armour rushes out holding their Swords and Spears and runs forward Fareon,It didn't look good Fareon told them to stop but they didn't care their eyes were furious Fareon knows the outcome and starts to run away to safety.

Fareon runs and runs he sees trees with leafs dirt with grass birds chirping,The snakes were still chasing him like a bunch of hungry monsters,Fareon runs into the forest he started losing sights of the crazy snakes.

Fareon slowed his steps breathing heavily,The snakes weren't chasing him anymore he hears a sound coming from on top without a Second he looked up and BAM! Fareon was knocked out.


Fareon wakes up with fear shivering,He dreamed of Icion..Getting tortured..,He looks around his surroundings it was calm and peaceful he was on a soft grassy bed,He stands up and walks around the room.

After walking awhile the door opens he saw his great own species.


He was so happy that he was about to cry,It had been years since he saw other wolves the only wolf he sees was Icion.

The male wolf with red clothes and a Red crown with a Dark red ruby on the front of the crown steps up and told Fareon his name,Drazil.

The female wolf with white clothes and a white crown with a White Star Sapphire in front of the crown steps up and told Fareon her name,Vurgua.

Drazil:Hello Sir I'm the king of this world but apparently there is another animal that fights to be the king of this world he has his army of his own,We have a army of our own as well..His name is Snurvel he was a great Friend of mine but lucky my queen Vurgua caught him trying to destroy the Crystal of the wolves,Destroying it means destroying all the wolves in this world,This Crystal is known as the Vurdraz Crystal named by mine and my queens name it has been past on for centuries and protected by millions of warriors the name of the crystal changes as the king and queen dies and renamed after the new king and queen,After talking so much can we have your name sir?

Fareon:Oh how disrespectful of me,My name is fareon as known as the fiery demon.

Vurgua:Nice to meet you Fareon I'm the queen of this world Drazil and I am curious,Why do you have orange claws,Eyes like a fiery Phoenix and a crystal on your chest?

Fareon:Ok here,When I was born I had these attached to me,The crystal attached on my chest is dangerous,There were some wolves in my hometown that tried to looked inside this crystal and blinded their eyes,Everyone was afraid of me no one wanted to be my friend as I said I was known as the fiery demon,All I had was my parents,My Mother..she..Was shot by humans while hunting for food so I only had my Father left..But not Long later my Father died as well..The entire Wolves in my hometown chased me out,I had to find a new place to live so I met a girl that had the same fate as me he was known the iciery demon in her hometown her name was Icion,She was my love but one day something bad happened to her she was pushed by a strong wind into a portal with 5 Colours that can't be described,the reason I'm here is to find Icion and bring her back with me.

Drazil:Fareon do you want to join my army? We will take care of you till the next portal comes.

Fareon:What do you need me to do?

Drazil:I need your help to destroy Snurvel but we need a fallen Guardian that protected the wolves for centuries but was defeated by a strong enemy,The only way to revive him was to touch his crystal only the chosen one can revive him,All of us had tried to touch his hardened dark crystal but no one could make him come back to live,Your the only person that came back from Snurvel place and with your crystal it might revive the fallen Guardian.

Fareon:Where's the hardened fallen Guardian?

Drazil and Vurgua:Follow us!

After awhile of walking up the tall stairs..

Drazil:Here he is.

Vurgua:Please try touching his crystal Fareon.

Fareon:Alright here goes nothing.

Fareon touched the crystal slowly the crystal of the fallen Guardian lights up red,Boom!

The stones explodes the fallen Guardian has Awaken again!

Guardian:'Deep voice' Who are you? Thank you chosen one for reviving me,Who are you two?

Drazil:Welcome back Guardian I'm the king of this world and she is Vurgua the queen of this world.

Vurgua:It's been some centuries without you Guardian.

Guardian:"Kneels down"My respect to two of you,I'm back to protect the Wolves!

They went back to the base and discussed the plan to destroy Snurvel and his army.

Drazil:So here's the plan I will have my army to prepare and surround the base of Snurvel.

Guardian:I will fight off the strong enemy that is defending Snurvel.

Fareon:I will capture Snurvel and bring him to you Drazil.

Drazil:But you don't have powers or anything how can you defeat Snurvel?

Fareon:Did you forget about the crystal on my chest? If he looks into it he will get blinded and wouldn't be able to fight.

Drazil:Oh you smart kid,But how are you going to get inside his base secretly without getting noticed?

Fareon:I need some of your warriors to dig a tunnel under his base than we will flank them from beneath.

Drazil:Great plan!

Vurgua:What about me Drazil? What do I do?

Drazil:I can't have anything to happen to you Vurgua I love you,You will stay here I will have 10.000 warriors to protect you.

Vurgua:Oh thank you honey but what if you were killed? I can't live without you Drazil I love you too.

Drazil:Don't worry Vurgua I will be fine we have the Guardian remember?

Guardian:That's right my queen I will protect the king no matter what.

Vurgua:Thank you Guardian.

After the discussion they all prepared for the furious war.

Day of war

They all set off And continued as planned.

The king and his army surrounded the base of Snurvel and ready to kill Snurvel Warriors.

Fareon and some of the Warriors dug a tunnel underneath,The small groups of warriors continued to flank Snurvel's army and kill them while fareon goes and find Snurvel and capture him.

The Guardian prepares to fight off the strongest Snurvel warrior.

Vurgua at the base hoping Drazil and the rest will be fine.

After the war

Snurvel's army was destroyed Snurvel was captured and hardened to stone by the magical water of pain.

Drazil and his army,Fareon and the Guardian goes home with victory on their side!

Vurgua was happy and relieved that they were all fine.

Drazil:Fareon I want to award you something that you deserve.

Drazil takes out a not described red crystal fragment that looks like what the portal had.

Drazil:Without your help we wouldn't have won the war and give peace and safety to this world I award you this fragment,This fragment was a thing the first king of this world found in this base today I hand this to you.

Fareon:No I can't accept it,This is to much I don't deserve this I helped only a little we all did this together.

Drazil,Vurgua,The Guardian:Please accept it The chosen one.

Fareon takes the Fragment.

Fareon:Thank you my great friends.

Fareon thinks to himself:This is Colour fragment looks like one of the 5 not described Colour of the portal.

Lightning starts to strike and the portal starts to appear.



And there Fareon disappears again in the portal.

Where will he go next? We shall see!

To be continued..

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