Most Likely To...

Most likely to was a fun drinking game that they had all played. Partially, because in the process secrets where revealed and dares were made. Little did she know that her most likely to would soon be true


1. Chapter One: The Game

"Alright Kassie, it's your turn." My friend Rachel said after everyone stopped laughing. There was ten of us there. Five guys. Five girls. We were all just friends who played this stupid game every weekend. Here's how it worked: we had two bottles of vodka because life is boring without it. Then we went around and said something like most likely to get a cat except not so simple. After that we would point to whoever we thought was most likely to get a cat. Let's say that person had a secret fear of cats. Well we would do whatever we could to get them over their fear but in a more evil way. It was fun and an easy way to get drunk.

"Alright, umm..." I smirked and looked at James. I knew that he had a crush on Rachel. "Most likely to bang someone in this room." I looked around the room trying to decide who everyone was going to pick. Rachel was looking at me. Weird. Samantha was looking at James. Other than the boys, I was the only one who knew his secret. Jessica was looking around. Taylor was looking at Calum. Calum had his eyes set on me with a smirk. I bit my lip because I knew his weakness. If you hadn't figured out, I basically know everything about everyone because everyone trusts me. The rest of the boys were looking at Calum. Except for Ashton and James who were looking at me. "Okay. 3... 2... 1..." I pointed at James. The girls did the same. Five drinks for him. Ashton, James, and Calum were pointing at me. Three drinks for me. Luke and Michael were pointing at Calum. Two for him.

"Hand me the bottle." James sighed knowing he would have to reveal something. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. "Okay. What do you want to do?"

"If you could bang anyone in the room who would it be?" Calum asked looking at me with a smirk. The question goes around the people who got a drink.

"I would bang..." He thought about it even though he knew. I watched as his eyes met mine for a second. Weakling. "Rachel." I smiled as Rachel blushed.

"Well that's enough of that. Hand me the fucking bottle." Calum said breaking the rules.

"Hey it's my turn." I said trying to grab the bottle. He laid back taking the bottle with him. "Calum! I swear if you spill it!" I reached for the bottle. "Dammit! I swear to god!" He grabbed the collar of my shirt and pulled me closer to him. This was when I realized that I was on top of him. I leaned closer acting as if I were going to kiss him. I swiftly moved to his ear. "I'm not that easy." I whispered just loud enough for him and only him to hear. Then I grabbed the bottle and went back to sitting across from him. Everyone was smiling, except Calum. I smirked. One. Two. Three. "Okay so if I could fuck anyone I think it would be..." I paused looking at everyone. "Calum." You can't ever lie in most likely to so I didn't. Calum took the bottle and smiled. One. Two.

"I'd return the favor." He said smirking and took another drink.

"Hey asshole. Save some for the rest of us. K?" Ashton said irritated. "K."

"Shall K be our always?" Calum said and I laughed. This was my typical Saturday night.

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