aphmau x aaron

friends that fell in love with each other



                                                they arrive at class



so students you will be paired up with someone and will make a project about the human body



                                                 aaron's pov

aphmau would you like to be my partner?



                                                  aphmau's pov

yes aaron! oh and would you like to come to my house this Friday to work on it?



                                                   aaron's pov

yes! oh come its diner lets go



                                                    they arrive at the lunch room and see there friends



                                                     aaron's pov

hey guys



                                                       everybody says hey to aaron and aphmau then



                                                        nicole's pov

so do you guys want to come over to my house tommorow for a sleepover?



                                                         everybody says yes



                                                         that's all for today guys

                                                   i hope you enjoyed this chapter



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