Hocos Pocus

Their was a little girl who only wanted to be happy. One day she ran away and meet a lady who took her in. How ever the lady had a troubling past she was trying to get away from her self. Will the two ever truly be happy? Will their past eat them alive?


1. Poor

Miku's pov-

Mom was angry again and dad drunk so I go up one day and I ran away to get away from all the pain at home. I ran all the way to the park and sat on the swings and cried. I had so many happy times here with my real mommy. She used to take me here all the time to make me happy only this time nothing could make me happy. So I sat their and listened as people walked past me and talked. "Look at the little girl on the swing. Why is she all alone?" "Poor thing looks lonely I just want to cheer her up." "Such a cute little girl." I kept my head down and just swung on the swing. That is until a lady with pretty green hair came over and put a smile on my face and changed my life forever.

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