Good Luck My Angel

A family wanted a child but could not have one.They always pry.One night God's angel's went to there house and gave them a baby girl.But what they come to found out she had wings.So she could not go outside and had to be homeschooled. But it all change with a family that move next store to them.When they first meet from there winds they always talk at night. Untill they both run out at night.


2. Chapter Two

I pick up a boxs and carry it.I walk inside the house saw how beautiful the inside look."Wow it's beautiful."I said smiling."Hello Snowdrop welcome to are house I'm Jessica I'm Soul's mom." Jessica said."Nice to meet you I'm very glade to meet people."I sad smiling even more."So you go to school?" Jessica asked."No I'm home-schooled and I dont go outside much so I have no friends." I said looking at the ground."Oh i'm sorry." Jessica said.Soul walk in the room."Hey snowdrop I wil take tat boxs thanks for your help." Soul said.I hand him the boxs and smiled.But he didn't smile back.I walk back to my house with out a word.I walk n as my mom standing at the door looking pissed at me."What did I say about going outside?" Mom said with terrifying voice."Mom I just wanted to help are the people next store."I said.Mom grabs my ear pull me inside walk to me room."Ouch Mom stop let go your hurting me." I said.She let go of my ear."You will stay in your room until morning." Mom said as she walk out of the room slams the door.I think to my self.Why am I in trouble for helping a people?I heard a rock hit my window.I look out to see Soul.I open my window."Hey I was wondering if you want to hang out tonight." Soul said."Sure I would love too." I said smiling."Thats great at 10:00 pm then by the way we are friends right? soul asked."Yes friends." I said smiling thinking iI finally have a friend.

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