Good Luck My Angel

A family wanted a child but could not have one.They always pry.One night God's angel's went to there house and gave them a baby girl.But what they come to found out she had wings.So she could not go outside and had to be homeschooled. But it all change with a family that move next store to them.When they first meet from there winds they always talk at night. Untill they both run out at night.


1. Chapter one

Once upon a time.There lives a Husband and Wife they wanted a child but could not have one.They pray everyday to have a child.One day was a special day.At 1:00 pm they got a knock at the door.What they didn't know that Angel's would be at there door.They where supised and cried a little."God answer your prays and we bring you a baby from haven but be careful t's a angel and she has powers."One of the Angel's say."Oh thank you we will make sure is taken good care of."The wife said.The Angel's hand them a baby.They where so grateful.The baby was beautiful and looks peaceful.They was so happy they had a party for her.But they keep the Angel part a secret and say that her wing where part of her dress."I will name you snowdrop because your like the snow." The wife said while putting her in her crib.



---------------------------------------------------16 years later---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hello my name is Snowdrop I am 16 years old and I'm a Angel.I'm like most human but the only difference is I got wings.So I never go out of the house just stay home be bored to death.My parents will not let me have a friends because I'm to valuable . But I really want someone to talk to because I'm tired of always being alone.Maybe one day I will have a friend.I look out the window to see if mom was home but no.I look over at the abandon house to see people standing outside moving boxes in the house."Maybe I should go help them"I said to myself.I hurry up and put on a shirt that would make the wings look like they are part of the shirt.I walk outside cover my eyes because the sun was so bright.As I got to the house saw a guy that look about my age."Ummm hello I'm snowdrop and I live next store I was wondering if I can help you people out."I said with shy voice."hello Snowflake I'm Soul and sure you can." Soul said as he walk inside caring three boxes.I felt my face get warm.

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