Teenage Dream

What happens when pink notes began to appear in her locker?


8. Valentine


It was Tuesday; still hate it.


The only good thing was that there was going to be a presentation the cheerleaders were having, which meant that classes were going to be shorter than usual. It was going to be during 4th period, so that meant we won't be having math. Taylor told me she couldn't pick me up today because Harry was sick. I wasn't in the mood of driving the bus, maybe Daniel could help. Does he even have a car?


To: Daniel
Hey, do you think you can pull me to school?


From: Daniel
Sorry, I don't have a car.


I pressed my face against the pillow and groaned. Oh!


To: Lucas
Hey Luke, I was wondering if you could take me to school ?? Please?


From: Lucas
Sure! Just send me your address :-)


Yes! Quickly, I sent him the address and went to brush my teeth. The problem with my bus was that it was always packed, and either way you'd end up squashed. They really should get a second bus.


10 minutes have passed, I was charging my phone to use later. I should just bring my charger. As I unplugged, I got a text.


From: Lucas
I'm outside ;-)


I rolled my eyes at his stupid smiley and left, not before saying goodbye to my parents.


A grey Honda was parked, Luke being in the backseat.


"Hey.." I said awkwardly once I noticed that his friends drove him to school.


"Hey, I hope you don't mind. Michael drives me to school."


"It's fine, I appreciate that he picked me up."


The whole car ride was like Taylor and Harry, except I didn't mind, but Luke did. Does Luke like her? I should ask him.




"You're so quiet. It's weird."


She let a sigh escape her red lips, "I just miss Harry."


"Damn girl, it's just a day, calm your tits."


"I know, it's just not the same."


Gee, thanks.


"Well, I actually have to get going."


"To your locker, right?" She asked as we began to walk.


"Well, yes, but after I have to go to meet up with Daniel to finish that history project."


Her posture straighten at the mention of his name, "Ooo, okay, I see you Selena."


I groaned, "I told you I don't like him like that."


"Mmh sure, I'll just go with you to your locker and drop you off. I'll just stalk you."


"Fvck you Taylor."


With her arm around my shoulder, we walked towards my locker. As soon as I opened it, the small pink sticky fell from the side.


"What's that." She asked as she picked it up.




"Uh... nothing!" I said as I snatched the note.


"Well it has to be if you took it away like that."


"Just some no-notes." I stuttered out.


Unfolding it, it read;


Hopefully every February, you'll be my valentine.


"Yeah, see, just some history notes I made today."


I felt my heart swelling; I wanted to scream and sing a stupid love song. I just want to be in my room.


"I'll see you later, Tay."



"We're done, and it feels great." I sighed out.


"It sure does, and we have spare time. So you want anything?"


My eyes widen when I saw him take out his wallet, "No! No, don't worry."


"I insist. I haven't seen you eat anything, at least let me buy that pack of cookies they give at the vending machines."


"I'm fi - "


"I take no for an answer."


"Fine, but we're sharing!"


My eyes followed him as he left the library, but soon a certain blonde hairs boy caught my eye.


Luke was sitting down next to his other blonde friend, the one I think he likes. I didn't see the colorful one with them, which was odd. I smiled as I saw Luke laugh along with her, it was cute the way he looked at her.


"Alright, here you go."


"Oh my gosh Daniel, I thought you met the 6 pack Oreo, not this!"


"Don't worry, it wasn't much. Let's just eat."


"Daniel, you know we can't eat in the library, right?" I whispered while taking a bite of my vanilla cookie.


"Shh." He picked up the container and hid it under the table.


"Loser." I giggled.


The thing with Daniel is, I find him a cute guy, but I just don't feel that I like him that way.
















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