Teenage Dream

What happens when pink notes began to appear in her locker?


10. Touch

"I'll see you later Dan!" I jogged away not before giving the shy boy a light pat.


Today in English we are to start practicing our roles. As per said, Taylor and Harry got the main roles, but not in Beauty and the Beast. It was some other romantic play. Taylor being the main character and Harry her love interest. In the story, I'm Harry's best friend along with Luke and Jonathan, a classmate. I have more lines shared with Jonathan and Luke, which you can say is better because I feel more comfortable, at least with Luke.


"Hey Selena, are you ready to practice?" The voice from behind me spoke.


Turning around, I saw Luke smirking down at me.


"Yeah, is Jonathan here?" I said as I looked for the dirty blonde boy.


"No, it's just you and I."


"That, I don't mind." I smirked back.


"Let's start."




"It's not that I'm jealous, it's just - I - I feel like he's changing. She's changing him, and I don't like to admit it, but I'm scared for him Tristan." My eyes averted his intense stare, I didn't want him to think otherwise.


"I know, believe it or not, I am too."


"I want him to be happy and if it's with her, then by all means. But I just don't want him to change in order to be by her side."


"Violetta... believe me, I know this isn't what we expected, but people learn from mistakes. Who knows, maybe he'll end up changing her."


Tristan's cold fingertips touched the back of my ear as she tucked a strand of hair back, "I hope so. She's never treated us right. Or maybe she does... maybe we deserve to get treated like this."


"But you really don't, hopefully I never hear you actually say this young lady."


"Luke!" I reached out and playfully smacked his shoulder, "You ruined it! We were doing so well!"


"We could easily do it again." He shrugged shamelessly.


"Fine... dork. By the way, your fingertip are cold." I emphasized while flipping to the start of the scene.


"What can I say, I get into character good enough."




"Thank you so much!" I squealed as I hugged the tall blonde boy, "I owe you!"


I jogged back to my locker, finally feeling better. The end of school was always the best time. I have to go pee though... Luke can wait a little right? Quickly, I sprinted towards the stalls and began doing my business. The door opened, indicating someone else had entered. After finishing my business, I placed my hand under the soap machine until I saw a bright neon note catch my eye.


It can't be.


On the corner of the sink, was a note; sitting there intact.


Just one touch, now I believe this is real.


He's good, real good, but how did he place it here?


Is there a somebody else behind this? I will figure this out.


If I'm not lazy enough.











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