Teenage Dream

What happens when pink notes began to appear in her locker?


12. Place


It's really unfair how we only have 2 days to rest but 5 days of stressful work.


One thing I could say is that, I really did have a good weekend. All day that week I thought I was going to have a headache because I had to babysit those little chucky's - aka the devil's minions - my brothers. But Luke, Daniel and Taylor had dropped by and made things better.


Today we were supposed to present how far we memorized our lines for the play, but we're having an assembly today. Luke wasn't here anyway, so it's better off like that.


"Do you see Taylor?"


Taylor was part of the cheerleading group, I'm not sure of her position, but I now she does has some sort of authority over the rest of the girls. To answer Harry, the blonde herself appeared and began to do cartwheels; all of them.


"Ouch." A crumbled paper hit the side of my head, didn't hurt but still.


"Who was that?" Harry asked looking back.


"I don't know," I grumbled, "Who car - ."


On the floor was a pink note crumbled up. Immediately, I looked around, but everyone was either talking to someone beside them, or yelling.


We drove to your place,


I know him well, he's closer than what I thought he was.


Daniel... he came on Saturday, now there's little doubt that this is him. But he wasn't near here... Then again, I have had other boys over to finish projects, what if it's one of them? I need more, what will he say next?


These notes will be the end of me.


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