Teenage Dream

What happens when pink notes began to appear in her locker?


13. Nothing



No notes at my locker, no more. Each day I walked in expecting the pink slip, but nothing would fall from the shelf. I've gotten so used of receiving them, that it feels weird to come and wait for something that isn't going to come anymore.


Did he give up? What happened? Did he find inspiration in someone else, someone better?


None the less I still had hope for the past few days. I could either expect them on the mornings, end of lunch, or the end of the day.


The funny thing is that Daniel has been speaking to me normally. Maybe he's thinking of what to write? Besides that, these past 3 days has been hectic for Taylor. Harry and her had broken up on Monday. Hence, why Harry has been a no show too. The thing is Taylor was a mess, she didn't want to eat, she wasn't on her phone, she was emotionless half of the time, so basically like me. I'm not really sure of the reason behind it, but no matter what, I'm still there for her.


We are to have our whole script memorized by the next 2 weeks. Now, that would be difficult because the main characters would no longer have that chemistry. Taylor had to practice on her own and as for I, I had to practice with Jonathan since Luke has been out; which honestly worries me a bit.


Even though those notes are short sentences, I can't help but want to read one each day.





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