Teenage Dream

What happens when pink notes began to appear in her locker?


15. Missing & Found


The week goes by fast now that I realize it. We were on Monday not so long ago, dreading everything, and now, it's Friday again.


"Hey Daniel." I know it's you.


"H-hi. You-you look very ha-happy today."


"I just, I figured something out, something that has been on my mind a lot. And I finally got the answer." Why am I smiling like this? Am I flirting with him?


His cheeks turned a crimson color, his head hung low, "R-really?"


"Yeah... I did." I smiled confidently.


"Tell me later about i-it?" A nervous but sort of assuring smile crept up his face.


"For sure."




"I'm not okay." Luke puffed out.


"Do you promise?"


"I'm telling you the truth." He chuckled as he caught on as to what I was doing.


"All I want is honesty, Lucas."


"That's all you had to say. But don't think you could read me like a book."


"You wear me out, but I never want to let  out."


There was a brief moment of silence, not long after the both of us burst of laughter.


My Chem for life yo.


"I'll see you later Hemmings." I saluted him and went our separate ways.


I needed to find Daniel, but where is he?




He's here.


"Selena," He held up a finger, panting, "Here."


He pulled out a box of chocolate from behind him, heart shaped too.


"I have to go, my parents are waiting up. I hope you-you enjoy them."


Before I could say a thank you, he was off.


Now I'm sure.




As embarrassing as it sounds, I skipped my way to my locker by the end of the day. But I abruptly stopped when a stepped on pink note was beside my locker. I went to it as if it was an overly priced gift that was about to be ruined, still I managed to read the words perfectly. The thing is, it wasn't only one, but two.


I finally found you,


And the other read;


My missing puzzle piece;


And I, finally found you.







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