Teenage Dream

What happens when pink notes began to appear in her locker?


3. Me


Dylan and I had the next class together again. This time I could have a better look. As I entered English, my eyes set on him scrolling through his phone. I walked up to him and sat next to him.


"Hey Dyl, nice to see you again."


"Sadly for me." He joked, "Kidding." He chuckled.


When a boy jokes with a girl it means they're comfortable with them. And if he's comfortable with them, it means they consider them a friend... or more. Especially when they joke that they hate the others presence.


"Jerk." I jokingly muttered under my breath.


I was about to keep on the conversation, but he replaced his earbuds in and kept on scrolling. I sighed, placing my chin in the palm of my hand. Well English class won't be bad today. She'll probably make us discuss some stuff with our classmates then work on that project with our partner. Hopefully this class goes by quickly.




Mornings, oh how I despise you. Maybe you wouldn't be that irritable if we didn't go school. Taylor and Harry offered me a ride to school, which I knew I couldn't get away from this one. So I accepted, now here I am glaring at their intertwined hands.


Yesterday was pretty stressful. After school I met with my English partner, Luke near the lake. I could easily say that part wasn't stressful because I actually enjoyed his company. Who knew we had a lot in common, besides the way we feel in school. We had similar music taste and watched some of the same tv shows, which could maybe come in handy one day if I need a buddy.


Afterwards, my parents made me babysit my two little brothers since my parents went out and my two older brothers went out too. Which left me with the boiling eggs. Anyone with two little brothers can understand the headache I went through that whole night.


Finally, the brick school came to view through the foggy window. Harry soon parked and turned off the engine. I got off quickly for no apparent reason because they always catch up to me.


"We'll see you at lunch, Selena."


Did I hear right? Praise the lord.


"Sure! I mean, yeah, I'll see you guys then." I grinned and walked to my locker.


I put in the combination, opened it and began to stuff it with my stuff. I'll need my French and History books for now and my journal. As I slid my books off the top shelf, a small piece of pink paper fell to the ground.


Another one?


I picked up the sticky note along with my books and closed my locker shut. Adjusting my books, I took the sticky note and unfolded it.


I know you get me...


What the hell? Get him? Have I given advice to this dude or something? How do I get him? Matter of fact, he's lying, because I don't get him. Why? Well, I DON'T KNOW WHO HE IS. Wait, what if he's actually a she? Gosh Selena it's the 21st century, girls like girls more liberally now. I don't think it's Dylan that much anymore, he doesn't even strike up a proper conversation. I mentally groaned, stuffing the note in my journal. All this thinking gives me a headache.




"Since we are in the Christmas spirit, I want you to discuss with the person next to you if this time of the year brings peace to you. As you know, during WWI these two enemies shake hands and sing Christmas carols, all because this meant a lot for them and missed home. Discuss and see if you guys can relate to that."


I was internally rolling my eyes at the grey haired teacher. Why does she always have to make us interact with others? She needs to understand that not all of us like it.


I started to shift uncomfortably, feeling someone stare at me.




Daniel, the cute shy boy tapped my arm, nervously fiddling with his fingers, "S-so, d-do you relate to t-this?"


"I actually think I do. It's a time where my whole family; Uncles, aunts, cousins and more reunite in one house and just share laughs. So yeah, I do relate to that moment. You?"


A small smile appears on his lips, "The same actually. Usually m-my family could be really di-distant, but once the holidays come, w-we all come t-together."


I bit my lip to contain a giggle, he was cute when he stuttered. Daniel was one of the few people I liked in this school. I like the ones that are nice and respectful. I nodded just after the timer went off to signal the end of our discussion.






I turned around and saw Daniel shifting from one leg to the other.


I raised an eyebrow, "Yes?"


"I was wondering if you wanted to work on this project with me. I-I mean y-you d-don't have t-to if you want." He said becoming all flustered.


I chuckled, "Sure, we're partners, see you then Daniel."




What if Daniel is the one leaving me notes? He's is shy, reason being why he's keeping it all a secret. He can't really speak without getting nervous, so he prefers writing it down.


I'll just have to wait and see.


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