Teenage Dream

What happens when pink notes began to appear in her locker?


9. Heart


--- POV:


I honestly think I'd enjoy lunch more if I wasn't alone all the time. I wish she would be beside me so I could hear her voice, her laugh, her smile. I sat at the corner of the table, praying silently that she'll come in and talk to me. I have yet to leave a note at her locker, I didn't know what to write just yet.


My eyes were locked at the entrance, waiting for the brunette to show up. No longer after 3 minutes, she came in tailing behind her friend and her boyfriend. She kept her gaze down, refusing to meet any eye contact. Until she looked at me. I want to think that her face slightly lit up as she smiled and gave me a small wave.


I've heard her complain that she didn't like her eyes, but I did. I liked how it looked so different under the light, how they were round and comforting.


I got it.




Selena's POV:


I really don't want to be here, I've gotten to a point where this doesn't bother me much anymore. But, it does make me feel uncomfortable at times. 


"Oh Sel, can I leave my gym clothes in your locker?"


"Sure, now?"


"Yeah, c'mon babe."


I turned my back on them and sighed. Lately, Taylor has been talking less and less to me. It's all about Harry. I would ask her if she's want to hang out, but she would always say she's with Harry or she'll be with Harry at any moment. I thought it was because she probably has seen my annoyance, so I stared to act better. But still... I don't want a guy coming in a friendship.


"Here." I said as I opened the locker while leaning onto the next one.


"Thanks - oh, your note fell again."


"Oh, th-thanks." I quickly swept it from the tile floor and stuffed it in my pocket.


"I'll see you guys in English."

Before they could respond, I walked away while desperately opening the note.


My heart stops, when you look at me.


And my heart stop when I think about the fact that someone sees me this way.










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