Teenage Dream

What happens when pink notes began to appear in her locker?


2. Funny



"Hey Dylan." I puffed out as I pushed my chair out; not before having it hit Luke, a classmates seat.


"Sorry." I mumbled then proceeded to slump down on my seat.


A chuckle from beside me came indicated that the dark haired boy found this amusing.


"What's up now?" He asked amused.


"The usual, couples always rubbing their happiness in front of my face."


"You're just jealous. You wish you were her. It's not your fault you don't have bright blue eyes."


I scoffed, "Yeah well, you're less fat than a tub of lard - wait, no that's not how it goes dammit. A tub of lard is less fatty than - you know what? Forget it." I sighed in annoyance and put my head down.


I heard a quiet giggle from him, "It's not funny Dylan. Stop giggling at my misery."


"What? I didn't giggle." He looked genuinely confused when I looked up, but I shrugged it off just as the starting bell rung




"Selena! Harry and I are going to go out for lunch, wanna come?" Taylor leaned against the lockers waiting patiently.


"Uh, no, it's okay. I have to go in to finish something for History."


That's a pretty good excuse, right? Ugh who am I kidding? I always finish my work on time.


Before she questioned, I went ahead, "When there was a sub, I didn't receive one of the assignments. So I asked Mrs.Teal if I could go in."


"Oh," she pouted slightly, "Maybe some other time?"


"For sure." I forced out a smile.


"Great! I'll see you in English?" She spoke as she began to walk backwards.


"Yeah, see you..."


I sighed in relief once she turned her back and was out of sight. Once more, I opened my locker and put my journal in. As I was about to shut it, I noticed the same colored sticky note in the far corner. Weird, I thought I put it in my - I reached behind my back pocket, I froze once my fingertips came in contact with the note.


It's a different one.


Quickly, I snatched it and opened it.


You're funny when you tell the punch line wrong.


What? This person needs to get their facts straight, Taylor doesn't do punch lines. I do - wait. I do. Are these actually for me? This must mean they know me, that they've talked to me... Dylan. Of course. I told him that stupid joke, but miserably failed at it.


The thing is, he's never shown any sign of liking me. We rarely talk, the only time we interact is in that class.


"Hey Selena?"


The voice behind startling me, making my hand fly to my chest. I turned around awkwardly; deep blue eyes met my dull brown ones.


"Gosh Luke, you almost gave me a heart attack." I heaved.


He bit his lip nervously, like he usually tends to do when talking, "Sorry. I was wondering if we could meet up in that park near the lake? I think we could finish our project there."


I nodded, "Sure, that's fine. I'll see you later Luke."


He mumbled a bye as I passed by him and headed to the library. Dylan is usually hanging out there with his friend. Not exactly reading though, but on the computers. Once I got there, I sat at one of the leather couches and spotted him. Randomly I picked out a book and opened it. Might seem creepy, but I need to know if he's the one leaving those notes. If he really does like me, he'll notice me right?


I mean I spot Harry quickly in any room, so...


45 minutes and nothing. The bell just rang and he walked by me laughing with his friend about the game they were playing. I huffed in defeat and slammed the book down. Better luck next time me.


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