Teenage Dream

What happens when pink notes began to appear in her locker?


11. Chance


Friday morning were always a bit better. We all knew that after this day, we were free, well limited time, but still, free.


As I approached my locker, I saw a specific dark haired boy waiting by it; Daniel.


Smiling, I went up to him, "Hey, what's with the visit?"


"Hey, I-I was wo-wondering if you could he-help me with my math work today during lunch. Lunch is on me."


"Aw, you don't have too. But sure! I'd be glad to help."


"Thank you, I'll see you later then?" He questioned once more as he slightly began to walk off.


"For sure," I reassured, "See ya Dan."


Now each time I open my locker, I wait until the piece of paper falls, and as predicted, one fell.


Lets take a chance...


Take a chance? As in try to give us a try? Is that why he asked me to "help" him in math? I'm pretty sure it's Daniel now, plus he was here before me, giving him enough time to put the note in. But how does he know my combination?


Taylor must know.




"Wasn't that hard, now was it Dan?" I smirked.


"Not at all, the only problem is that I'm dumb."


"No, you're not. You just take some time to process this, we're all different. Some understand it faster while others take days, so don't worry."


"Did you get your roles for English already?" He mumbled, changing the subject.


"Yeah. Taylor is Crystal and Harry is Aaron. I'm Violetta, one of Aaron's friends along with Lu - Tristan and Anthony."


"You should have been Crystal." He barely said, it wasn't even a murmur. It was as if I just got to hear his thought, nothing but a faint noise.


"Wha- what?" I stumbled over a simple word, great Selena.


"You- you'd be a great Crystal."


"Are you calling me bïtchy, Daniel?" I teased.


"No! No, I just feel like you could act well, plus, you look like someone who would play the main role."


"You're sweet, but I personally don't think I am. Anyway, I'll see you later, bells about to ring. Bye!"




"This place is so pretty, Luke. That girl is lucky to have a guy like him. This is literally so cute and romantic. But why are we here?"


Michael, Luke's friend, had driven to a restaurant near by that was nice. Luke didn't want to leave me behind - but really, he probably just didn't want to be the third wheel - so I'm guessing he brought me along to accompany him.


"Because, they said I could bring you. They'll be off on their own section, while we, stuff our faces with these deliciousness."


"Fair enough, Hemmings. To eat, it has be said!"


From: Daniel
Hey 🙂


I'll answer later...


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