Fatal Attraction

He was the guy that was on her mind from the beginning of her day, until the ending of her night. She knew he was trouble from the moment they started talking, but she thought she could change that. He intrigued her, so she decided to open him up and read his story. However she didn't want to catch feelings. But, not everything goes as planned, and things just happen without a warning. What happens when she becomes a part of his twisted story..?


2. Chapter Two



  The next morning I received a call from my manager. He wanted to know if I was still in the Vegas area.


"Why, yes I actually am. Did you need something?"


"Yes, a model for a photoshoot couldn't make it for a friend of mine, you know Alejandro. He needs you to work with someone today."


"Sure George, text me the location of it, and I'll get ready and be there. I will also need the time."


"Yes, you have to be there by twelve."


"Got it, I'll be there then!"


"Thanks babydoll."


  We hung up. I got in the shower, and then I went on my way to the location that George sent me in the message. I texted Nova who was still sleeping that something came up, and that I would be able to go out after I get done with everything.


  I arrive at my destination, and I walked in to see Alejandro who was setting up. "Hey darling!" he said excited walking towards me.




"I'm so glad that you were able to fill in for me today. The other girl got sick. But she is missing out. You're in for it today." When people say these kinds of things I get scared. Something that is exciting to them, may not be as exciting to you, and its something you work very often with in the modeling industry.


"Awesome, I can't wait." I faked a smile. I was taken back to my dressing room. About forty-five minutes later, Alejandro knocks on my door to let them know I had five minutes to finish getting makeup and hair done before I had to go out and start. I was wearing lingerie, and I walked out in a robe once they did their final adjustments. Alejandro had someone on the other side of the room. Their shirt was off and they were wearing dark jeans. He told us to both walk out in front of the cameras. Him. He smiled at me, it was very sexy.


"G, pull her close to you. Your arms around her waist. Eve, your hands around his neck, wrap one of your left leg around his right leg, and tilt your head back. I want your eyes closed. G, kiss her neck. I want it to look intimate. Passionate." We did as told. Being a model you have to be able to be just professional about what you do with the people you are modeling with. But for some reason his lips touching my skin, and I felt hungry for this guy. "Work it guys, use your tongue too, c'mon G, you out of all people I know definitely know how to treat a lady. Eve, run your fingers through his hair and on his neck. That's it!" My heart was beating fast and my breathing was starting to get shaky. I felt his smile on my neck, he knew exactly what was wrong with me. He liked it. "Alright, G, wrap those legs around your waist, Eve look down at him, and stare at each other. I want them to see lust between two lovers in this." I looked at him as he did me. I was definitely feeling lust. Those dark brown eye were drawing me in deep.


  He had him lay on the ground and me on top of him, and several other things. It was finally over, and we both back to our dressing rooms. I got my stuff and walked out of the dressing room, and he stood right there.


"I never got to properly introduce myself." He walked up to me and grabbed my hand. I looked at his hand holding mine, and looked back up at him. "You heard me called G, I'm Gerald Gillum." He bent over and pulled my hand to his lips to kiss it.


"I'm Evelynn Wright. Its nice to finally meet you." I smiled at him.


"Are you hungry? I didn't eat lunch yet, and I figured you were on call, so you probably didn't eat either. Am I right?" I nodded and agreed to go with him to lunch. "We can take my car." I sat in the passenger seat, and he started the car. "Is there a place that you like to eat here?"


"I don't really have a favorite. The food is good pretty much anywhere that you go." He nodded to agree with me, and we headed off to get something. We stopped at a burger joint and both ordered something.


"So Evelynn, I saw you the other night at the club. There was something about you that caught my eye. I'm not exactly sure what it is though. I was thinking that I was having a party tonight. Did you want to come?" He seemed to be very straight forward, and I liked it.


"I mean I would love to, but I have my sister here too. I told her we would go out and do something tonight." I sighed.


"Well hey, that's even better. Bring her as well. The more people, the better the party." he gave me his phone to put my number in it. We had a little small talk before he took me back to the photoshoot where my car was parked. I thanked him for lunch, and we went our separate ways.


  As soon as I got back to the place I was staying, I called Nova and told her to get ready for a party. She asked who the host was, and I Just told her that his name was Gerald. We got off and I changed into a short, sexy, black laced dress with some black heals. My hair was left down in its natural curl. I had my makeup redone since this morning. I texted her the hotel to meet me at for the party and was on my way. I get there and Nova was standing at the entrance.


"Hey sis!" She came up and gave me a bear hug. I returned the hug and walked inside. He was on one of the top floors where the penthouses were. We went up and knocked on the door. A bulky man opened the door, and asked our names. We told him my name, and that I was told to bring a guest. Then we were permitted to enter. He was sitting on a couch surrounded by a bunch of wasted girls. They were all over him, and his buddies were talking to him while these girls drooled on him.


"Sis, you do realize who he is right...?" Nova said with a low voice and surprised face.


"It's Gerald." I said knowingly. "You know him?" I asked curiously.


"Who doesn't besides you? He is G-Eazy. I'm really trying not to fangirl. How did you get invited?"


"I bumped into him last night, and then I was on call this morning because a model called in sick for their shoot. Turns out I was doing shoots with him. We went to lunch. He then invited me."


"Ohhh, sis, please be careful. I've heard a lot about this guy. He isn't the type to just roll with one girl.."


"I didn't say I was going to get with him? I just was invited to his party."


"Yeah, but what are his intentions with you..." She got me there. I really didn't know. I know what I wanted to happen. But I don't think we have the same things running through our minds.


"Hey ladies." That voice that had roamed through my mind all day rung as he walked towards us. He came up to me and gave me a hug and kissed my cheek. I could see Nova's face from the corner of my eye.


"You must be Evelynn's sister?"


"Yes, I'm Nova."


"Well I'm Gerald." They shook hands and I saw the look she was giving him and it was very disapproving. "Would you ladies care for a drink?" We nodded. we followed him and he poured us both a shot. We took it while he was making us actual mixed drinks. After receiving our drinks he brought us over to the group of people he was once surrounded by. He introduced us and everyone greeted us. More people started filling in, and the music started playing. Everyone was dancing, or conversing. Some even smoking marijuana. Nova had met some knew people that she really clicked with so I told her to enjoy herself. I stood by the drinks table, and I saw him talking to some other guy. He looked over at me and I saw him bite his lip. I sipped on a drink and somewhat batted an eyelash at him. He finished up talking, and headed my way. He grabbed a drink from the table and stood beside me.


"You look really good tonight." He finally spoke. I smirked.


"You don't look bad yourself."


"Thanks. Come with me?" he stretched his arm out for me to grab his hand. I did, and he led me in the crowd. We started dancing, a lot of rubbing on each other was going on and the body heat started to make me really sweaty.


"I need some air." I whispered in his ear. He once again took my hand and led me to a balcony. We were the only ones on it. The view from it was just astonishing. I have never witnessed something so nice. I stood up against the wall. I felt someone's arms snake around my waist. I turned around and he pushed me against the wall. He looked at me, licking his lips. I stared back, his face moving closer to mine. His lips touched mine. I didn't push him away, instead, I cupped my hand on his face and deepened the kiss. He let his tongue trace my lips to get access to the inside of my mouth. Access was granted. He pushed me even more into the wall than I already was. Our lips disconnected and my head rested up against the wall. He smiled and started kissing my neck, slowly leading to my ear. He nibbled on it, and then whispered "I need you.." He proceeded to kissing my jawline and then kissed my lips. He then stopped, pulled away from me, and walked into the party again. What the hell was that? He got me all worked up, and then left me to get myself together again before I walked back in.


  I went in a few minutes later after I was calm again. He looked over at me, and I decided to just walk past him. I walked straight over to Nova and the people she was with. She told me that she was going to go clubbing with her new friends so I said that I was just going to head back. She hugged me and I started walking for the door, but he stopped me before I reached it.


"Where are you going?"


"Back to my hotel room." I said in a sassy tone.


"Is something wrong?"


"Yes Gerald, something is wrong. What the hell was that back there?"


"What do you mean?"


"Don't play stupid, on the balcony?"


"I wasn't going to take you outside where someone could walk out at any time." He nodded towards a hall with a few doors telling me to follow him. I followed him back to a room, and he shut the door locking it behind us. He picked me up and put me onto the bed. He started on my neck, and then went to my lips. We made out, and felt on each other for a bit before starting to remove our clothing. he unzipped my dress and pulled it down my waist and threw it to the floor. I tugged on his shirt, he took it off, and started kissing me more. Next came his pants, and the only thing between us then, was my underwear and his boxers. The alcohol I had consumed was now starting to kick in, and everything happened so quickly. I wasn't expecting my night to end this way, but it did. Everything just started to blur out....



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