Fatal Attraction

He was the guy that was on her mind from the beginning of her day, until the ending of her night. She knew he was trouble from the moment they started talking, but she thought she could change that. He intrigued her, so she decided to open him up and read his story. However she didn't want to catch feelings. But, not everything goes as planned, and things just happen without a warning. What happens when she becomes a part of his twisted story..?


1. Chapter One


"Evelynn" my younger sister called from the entrance. I was in my room getting ready for our girls night out, and she came over to pick me up. I'm twenty-three, and she just turned twenty-one two months ago. We were in Las Vegas, so we decided to go out and party hard. After all, why not when we are in the 'City of Sin?'


"I'm up here Nova." I heard her footsteps walk to the room. I got a decent sized room for a hotel. I am a new model so I am starting to make some good money, Nova is a professional cosmetologist.


"Hey there sexy!" She jokingly punched my shoulder. I giggled and got her back.


"Are you ready to get this night started?" I asked.


"Oh yeah I am! Just make sure that I don't get too fucked up. We don't want any mistakes to happen." She scratched the back of her head and made the 'You know what I'm talking about' look. I do, but that story is for another time. We linked arms and left.


  As soon as we walked into the club, we had a V.I.P table for us already set up. There was a group of females oddly surrounding someone a few tables down. We paid no mind to it. We walked up to the bar and order a few shots of vodka. We quickly downed them, and I was already feeling the poison run into my bloodstream. A good song came on that we were able to dance to, so Nova grabbed my hand and led me to the dance floor. We started dancing, minding our business, and just having fun. I was looking down at the floor, and when I looked up, a guy was sipping on his drink and our eyes met. For a second I felt time just stopped. I felt my body heat up, and the beat of my heart throughout my whole body. I was then jerked back into reality by Nova, who was shaking me to tell me that the song was over and she was ready for another round. I nodded at her, and when I turned back to see this guy, he was gone. I shook it off and followed her to the bar. Round after round we go, and we are still having fun. We met up with some other people we know, and we all just chilled and danced together.


  I had to use the restroom, so I excused myself. I did what I needed to do, and fixed my makeup quickly before walking out. When I walked out I was putting something in my purse when I ran into someone. "Oh I'm so so-..." I stopped in mid sentence when I realized the same person who caught glances with me earlier was the one I ran into. "Sorry.." I finished.


"Don't sweat it baby." His somewhat raspy voice sending shivers down my spine. I smiled lightly at him and he returned the favor and passed me. It was a weird encounter.


  For the rest of the night I didn't see this mysterious man. And honestly, it kind of upset me. Nova was whining because she was ready to leave, and so we did just that.



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