The Truth of Depression


1. Intro

    I would just like to clear something up before we even begin; I'm not writing this to gain attention, or for people to feel bad for me. In fact this is almost the complete opposite. I'm writing this so people can understand, depression is a confusing thing that can often times be, let's say, misunderstood. 

    Another thing is if your hear to diagnose symptoms or you're here because you think you have depression my advice is to seek medical advice. I'm not a doctor, so nothing I say here should be taken as a way to diagnose depression. In fact I'm pretty new with this whole thing, I was only diagnosed a few weeks ago, but I have been suffering from it for about (I think) 2 years. If you do think your suffering from it, don't be afraid to seek help, I know I was and it's one of my biggest regrets. 


   OK, now that we have that out of the way, lets move on. Before we do though, one last warning. I am not going to be perfect in the grammar of this... story? (I'm not to sure what to call it) So please don't make comments on it, because I know. (No one is perfect) So my plan for this story (I guess) is to really answer questions and help you guys understand it. So PLEASE don't be afraid to comment and ask questions, no one is here to judge, and if you are... well... your the reason humanity is falling apart.... Moving on.... I sort of want to walk you along the steps and early signs of depression and how to help those around you. This is also for anyone who isn't suffering and just wants to know more about it, BUT like I said earlier I am NOT a doctor, so if your looking at this for, like an essay or something I recommend finding a more credible source. 

   One last thing to ask is please don't be rude. I am about to share my LIFE with you guys so I ask that you do please be respectful. This isn't easy, but I'm doing it for the good of the people. (Cue the presidential music) All jokes aside please don't be rude to those who ask questions or to me. I just want to help. 




                   Love you, 


                                         Readers_Speak <3 ;3


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