slender man meets hoody

This is going to be out fast becase I made a draft all reaty and my freands rilly like it so I hope you will like it :3


6. part 6

The day went by and it was Tuesday evening and the two brothers just got home from school. “Hey wanna hang out at the park?” The oldest brother asked his younger one. “I guess. . . i don’t really want to. . .” The hooded boy told him. “Awe c’mon how come?” He questioned. “Uh, i don’t know it’s just a really stupid, creepy park. . .” The oldest brother was in ‘one of those moods where he wouldn’t take no for an answer’ moods. “But yea i’ll go,” the brother was ecstatic by his answer. “Awesome! i’ll bring the frisbee! Just let grab mom’s car keys. Here you take the house key.” He said throwing the key on a chain to him. The boy in the over-sized hoodie put the key on around his neck inside his jacket, and they left.  
Slenderman knew today was the day he would kill the oldest boy and his mother possibly too. He was thinking she possibly knew about him as well. The two boys got in the car and drove to the park beside Slenderman’s woods. They got out of the car and started to pass the frisbee to one another. The hooded brother ran into the woods after the frisbee that was thrown too far, he picked it up and stopped, he stared into the woods that surround him. “C’MON THROW IT!” The hooded boy could hear the his brother yell at him. But he just couldn’t stop staring into nothing. 


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