slender man meets hoody

This is going to be out fast becase I made a draft all reaty and my freands rilly like it so I hope you will like it :3


12. part 12

“Alright, i’ll go . . . but don’t kill me.” The hooded boy asked me. i wanted to reassure him he wouldn’t be harmed in my care. “i will protect you, you will live with me, and you can do assignments with me, maybe a few chores now and again but you will be set.” i told him. i will make sure nothing will happen to him. “Alright, but is there sleeping and free food?” He asked making sure, “Of course, you will be my assistant, a Proxy.” i told him, he seem confused, sometimes i forget he’s only 11. “Whats a Proxy?” He asked curiously. i took a moment to figure out my words, “well, Proxy means something valuable, like you represent something. To me you will represent an assistant, and roommate.” i told him. “its getting late, when do you think we should leave? Are you ready to leave it all?” i asked him. The hooded boy turned toward the park, then looked down at his brothers cold, mangled, body. The boy looked up at their car, and back to me. He looked cold like he wanted to get out of the snow. we have been standing in the snow for over 2 hours, he seems like hes trying to let got but can’t. “i promise you this,” i started, “you have never told me your name, and you don’t have to but if one day you would like to come back to the memories, we can. You don’t need to forget everything.” The hooded boy looked up at me, “Oh yea i forgot to tell you my name. . .i don’t deserve one though.” i was puzzled by his comment, so i questioned him on it, “what do you mean?” he looked behind me into the forest, and his eyes twitched all around the woods. The sun was setting, and it was quiet back there, but he continued. “If i leave with you everyone will probably think im dead, my name and face won’t matter.” He had thought of something i hadn’t, his face and name. “Well, we will have to cover your face, ive got some fabric back where i live, so you can make a mask! But for that whole name thing you will need to figure out,” i was just about to stand up super tall when he said. “Why don’t you name me? i am always named by someone, all the names i pick are always stupid anyway,  so name me?” He begged innocently. i’ve never named something before, what would i name him. He does have a beige hoodie on so how about that, Hoodie. i decided to ask him out name him, “Why don’t i just call you Hoodie?” He looked up and back at his jacket, “this is my brothers hoodie. . .but i guess that would be alright.” The newly named boy said. “Actually it kind of fits me, i wear this sweater a lot,” Hoodie said.


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