slender man meets hoody

This is going to be out fast becase I made a draft all reaty and my freands rilly like it so I hope you will like it :3


11. part 11

he said. i sadly looked down at the snow, “So whats your name?” The hooded boy asked me. i vaguely remember the time i was mentioned in a newspaper article, humans called me all sorts of things, Tallman, Treeman, Slenderman was my most recent, “Uh, humans sometimes call me Slenderman.” i replied. “Okay im gunna call you Slender for short though.” The boy said looking at his brothers body. “Slender why did you kill my brother,” he asked me. i was nervous to reply. i was suppose to kill this boy, but hes not really a threat or target anymore. i feel an emotion inside me, like i feel so bad i did it. “i had too.” i told the hooded boy. “He was my ride home. . .and you killed him.” The boy replied with tears in his eyes. “im sorry i wish i could fix it. . .” i told him, then a thought came to my mind, he doesn’t need to go back! if he did they would send him away, but if he stayed with me no one would hurt him any more then i have. 
“The humans, they don’t believe in me, they don’t think i exist, they will think you killed him.” i told him but he shouted back, “WHAT! i could never kill my brother!!” i know it doesn’t really matter what he thinks, everyone will know he killed him. . . “think about it, they WILL think its you, you know its not you. . . but they don’t.” i told him. He can’t go back now, it would ruin his life. “im sorry i killed him, but you can’t go home now without him.  You will be exiled from humans. . .” i told him, “OH SO WHAT DO I DO THEN GO LIVE IN A BOX!?” he said with fear of what would come in the near future, “Well no, you would just stay with me.” i told him honestly. He paused, thinking about why he couldn’t go back. He knew he couldn’t but he was in denial. 


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