The Easy Way

When Max Walker finds himself trying to play a game the hardest way, he finds the game is not just a game. He was taken into Yandere Simulator, where he would see that at every twist and turn there was a secret. The real question is, is there an easy way to get out?


2. The Way Out

Me and the guy, who's name was Tedric, were working on a way out for weeks. We looked at how it was made, how to get hacks and bugs, and loads more. It was so easy now. The plan was, when the next time she kills someone, we jump in front of her weapon. Being killed will inevidebly send us back to reality. We just didn't know how much time had passed. I had a girlfriend in real life, and tons of friends. He had the same, minus the girlfriend. ("Ladies," he said slickly as I wrote that.) The days passed even more slowly after the plan was made. Soon, the day had come. I was ready and so was he. We both knew we needed to go home. Yandere had cornered a poor girl in the bathroom with a syringe. She made the run for it. Tedric was as quick as lightning as he jumped in front of her and she growled in anger, going for another stab. I jumped it.


The last thing I heard was her screaming,"NO!" Tedric was the last thing i saw. He grinned, then died. I felt weightless, then there was a sensation as if i was falling. This lasted for quite a while. I felt all of my rep drain with my money, class information, and my schedual. I was gone, going back to my normal life. The only thing I hoped was that it was still normal.


I woke up in my chair again, but then it fell apart. I yelped and opened my eyes, looking around. The house was only rubble. I saw my parents lying dead on the floor in what used to be the kitchen. My girlfriend was in the street, then running towards me when she saw I was awake. "Are you alright?!" she says and holds me close. I nod and hug her back. It felt familiar and warm. "Your house was just on fire, and they said you were dead..." she trails off into sobs. I hold her close. "Shh, hey look at me." She does. I hated seeing Emily cry. I love her so much I never know what to do. "We will find a way out. It'll-" I choke back a sob as seeing my parents dead sinks in and she squeezes me. "It'll be okay. I will find another way out." I say with a smile. She nods and we stay like that for a while.

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