The Easy Way

When Max Walker finds himself trying to play a game the hardest way, he finds the game is not just a game. He was taken into Yandere Simulator, where he would see that at every twist and turn there was a secret. The real question is, is there an easy way to get out?


3. The End

Emily and I were married a few years later. We were very happy in our home, and I refused to tell her what had happened to me. She would be safer if she didn't know. At least, that's what Max thought. But I am not him. This is Yandere, and Maxwell-Senpai is dead. He refused me. His wife is dead too. He no longer brought me happiness when he escaped, so he used me. HE USED ME. He is gone. I have another senpai, and Max was just the one who joined me... Forever...

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