It is about an boy that fenchers out in the wastland and hope he duent die


6. Day 36 What out here

Day 36 What out here
When I ran out the vault the was madness it was just death everywhere.I think I am at least two miles away the vault so yeah.Now I have time to think what happen in the vault why did they dint tell us what in the last level.Mabey they were sckard what we would think but why did they send me down thier wate what that.
15 min later 
It look like it's a town I better check it out. I heard people live out here but why? Thier monster, raiders and radiation.When I got there this robot that would be a power plant ask me what are doing hear.I just told him I was going in this town but it look like he didn't like that answer.But after I told him my anster this man came out of the shadow and ask if I was here before they must of thought I was someone else. After I told him that I was in a different town he just said ok you can come in.So it look like I going in.

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