It is about an boy that fenchers out in the wastland and hope he duent die


3. Day 27 Something is not right

When I woke up every thing was the same but when I when to work I got promoted to and a professional but I didn't do anything then Riley (The overseer) made me go to the last floor I was weird because only the highest ranks can go into and they never told us what down there.So I whent becase she thrented to send me to the waste land! So when it hit on the final floor and I was surprised what was down here it was filled with creatures I never seen before the only one I knew was the Death claus but they're a danger rating and it was only a 3 out of 10 ! 
When I got closer to the floors Dr. Offices there was these things that look like a human but bigger and green,And that danger was 5-8 ! So when I got in the offices there was an man I a Dr. suit. What is this place I ask They told me it for study but I was obese he was lying but what can I do about it.   

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