It is about an boy that fenchers out in the wastland and hope he duent die


2. Day 20: Death

It happened two day ago when these things that people outside called death claus
broke down the vault door and started to attack everyone! I was on the second to last floor  when it happened and it went thru three levels kill it got shot dead. 32/86 people got inger  and one was are overseer and 10/32 die and now the overseer die from infections.
Now there is a new overseer her name was Riley she was a jerk sometimes but not as much then are last overseer.

Because of her were upgraded the vault door so it harder to break in the two days I really count help because I had to help with the inger and make guns to get ready for a next attack.Some reason we had a meeting about the waste land creature and the how study of the death claus. ( Their like tanks the skin is like a vest it took three shots to break throw with  are strongest guns! ) Then she ask the name of the other creatures names that we have capcher. ( Here is some of the names of some of them scorpion hunter, mole rat exe…)


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