Best Interest at Heart

When the villain isn't really the villain, how can a girl escape being tortured for her to show them her gifts? Seventeen year old Mariella Traps will find this is only the beginning of her troubles. Join her on her adventure to the unknown mundane world.


1. Just the Beginning

A seventeen-year-old wasn't supposed to be like this... This wasn't her story... However, fate has chosen her for this path... There is no turning back.


Mariella wakes up strapped to a wooden plank. She wiggles her fingers and toes to be sure her circulation was not cut off. Only days before, people of the village found out she was a witch when she saved a little girl from a knife thrown by a drunkard. Her blue eyes searched her sides for anything that could be used as a weapon. Her magic couldn't work here, as there was some enchantment causing the blockade. Her head spun as she saw a piece of broken glass near her on her bedside. Mariella stretched her hand and grabbed it, ignoring the cutting sensation she felt as it cut her palm, and started sawing at the ropes. They would be here soon, and if she was stuck here she wouldn't even be able to try to fight back. She shook the ropes off of her arms and sat up to work at her legs. "I need to get these off faster, if only they were more dumb, like in books," she grumbled to herself as she freed herself from her binds. However, she knew this was only the beginning of her escape.

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