True Success

Riley Anderson is training for the Winter Olympics. She needs a break but doesn't find one until she bumps into Andy Davis, an ice resurfacer and a World Vision volunteer, who's trying to make in San Francisco.
The more their jobs collide together, so do their lives. But as their relationship grows, will it stay as their jobs get busier by the minute? Find out what will happen to these two Pixar kids.


1. Chapter One

“She’s barely touching the hockey!” Fear cried, as he watched the hockey stick miss the hockey on the big screen.
   “She’s going way off course!” Disgust yelled.
   “What does she think she’s doing?” Anger demanded.
   “She’ll never get into the Olympics now,” Sadness muttered.
   “Guys, she’s just been working too hard,” Joy said. “After she’s stopped her training, we’ll just make Riley rest and recover and her mind will be better again.”
   “Yeah, tell that to that idiot of a coach who’s been pushing her too far,” Anger muttered.

Riley Anderson was on her own at the San Francisco Ice Rink. She was working harder than ever at her hockey career. Before she even left college, she was discovered by a scout who was looking for players to play ice hockey in the Winter Olympics in four months. The nineteen-year-old was so determined to get picked to play in the American team for this year’s championship. Ever since she got picked, it was all she could think about for the last four months and had no intention of backing down.
   Even though she knew she was tired and overworked, Riley didn’t feel she could take a break, except when sleeping in her bed at night. Her parents tried to get her to relax like take a day to go to the mall or a date with Jordan, but she felt like she couldn’t let anything distract her.
   Riley and Jordan had been in a relationship since high school, but they recently felt like they were growing apart; not because Riley was too busy focusing on her hockey but because they were taking different paths and interests. Even though she was feeling a little bit lonely, she thought she would get a social life after, or rather if, she got into the Olympics. 
   Riley missed the hockey again. She angrily threw her stick and skate to the edge of the stand. She took her helmet off, wiped the sweat from her beautiful face and sighed. She didn’t know what she was doing wrong or if she was missing something. Ice hockey had been her number one passion all her life. She kept always kept learning about it and keeping up to date with the latest ice hockey news, tips and everything. She considered herself honoured to get picked for a tryout and she didn’t want to get kicked off at all. Ever. But she didn’t know how she could improve?
   “Excuse me?”
   Riley gasped and turned to see an early twenties man with brown hair and blue eyes in a dark blue uniform standing in front of a blue ice resurfacer.
   “I really need to get cleaning,” he said.
   “Oh, right, sorry.” Riley quickly skated of the ice.
   “You know, you looked like a pro out there,” the man said.
   “Thank you, but I really don’t think so,” Riley said, as she took her skates off.
   “Well, better you than me,” the man said. “I can’t even play hockey on the ground. The best sport I can do is skateboarding.”
   “Well, that means you’re getting your exercise,” she said. “The name’s Riley Anderson.”
   “I’m Andy,” said the man. “Andy Davis.”
   “Nice to meet you, Andy,” Riley said. “I should be going now. I’ll see you whenever.”
   “Tomorrow,” Andy said. “I’m to clean this rink every night. That’s one of my jobs.”
   Riley thought what a busy guy he is. “What’s your other job?”
   “I’m a volunteer at the World Vision orphanage,” Andy said. “I help out the orphans who have severe mental issues.”
   Riley didn’t know how wealthy or powerful Andy was but she was more impressed about how he helps out less fortunate children than himself.  “Well, they’re lucky to have you. Best of luck.” With that, she was gone.
   “Bye,” Andy said, as he got on the ice resurfacer. He kept his eyes on Riley until she was out of sight.

“Oh, great!” Andy’s Anger, a male emotion, snapped. “First, a frustrating volunteer position, then a low-paid job and now a girl. Things are going to get complicated for him.”
   “He’s going to die from all the stress!” Andy’s Fear, another male, cried.
   “Guys, pull yourselves together,” Andy’s Joy, a male, said.
   All of the emotions went silent.
   “Let’s just see the big picture here,” the Joy went on. “He’s busy with his two jobs. Sure, there are better ones, but at least he’s out of the house and not watching TV all day.”
   “He’s not been watching a lot of TV for a while,” Andy’s Sadness, who was female, moaned. “He’s missing his favourite matches. And he’s just met that girl.
   “Because he’s just met her, he can’t be in a relationship.” Andy’s Joy had an alarming thought. “Well, not today, at least.”
   “But he could be in the future,” Andy’s Disgust, a female, pointed out. “He could see her everyday and then – ”
   “And then we’ll worry about it when it comes and not before,” Andy’s Joy finished. “But for now, let’s take his mind off it.” He put a memory core into the console…


…and Andy had forgotten about Riley. As he cleaned the ice rink, he started day-dreaming about the Bahamas, a place he has always wanted to go to all his life.

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