Hello My Hate

Blakly Purdy finds her self in a hospital after an accident, where she is reunites with her big brother and is forced into staying with him and the band he is in, Black Veil brides, to insure she stays safe and out of trouble. Travelling around with her enemy sure is not a perfect way to spend her summer vacation.


1. Chapter One: Perfect Reunion

Blakly's P.O.V:

 I was walking home after a long day at work, when I noticed my ex-boyfriend Tyler.  Not wanting to really be spoken to or have a nasty comment made to me, I cut down an ally way to avoid him. Unfortunately this plan didn't work when he ended up running down the ally behind me calling out my name. I turned my music up just so I couldn't hear that annoying ass hole, thinking he would give up and leave. I was jerked by my arm causing me to swing around to face him. I signed and pulled out my headphones.


 Blakly: "What do you want Tyler?"

  Tyler: "Why are you ignoring my phone calls and texts?"

 Blakly: " Because we are done and I want nothing to do with you, so if you'll excuse me I'm going home. bye"

 Tyler: " No, your not ending it over some stupid shit."

 Blakly: "You cheated on me twice, that's sounds like a good reason to end it. Now let go of my arm and fuck off. I have no time for cheaters."  

Tyler: "Your not going any where you bitch."


 Tyler threw me to the ground and pulled a knife out. I got up as quick as I could and tried to run but was yanked by my hair. I struggled with him and let out a loud scream as he shoved the blade into my stomach. I slowly started to lose strength in my legs and collapsed to the ground. He bent down, whispering something into my ear that I was struggling to make, then he gripped the knife and ripped it out of my stomach and took off down the way he came, leaving me to die in a puddle of my own blood.  



 Andy's P.O.V: 

 We had just finished doing a signing at hot topic, when we heard an ear piercing scream, thinking it was just coming from the fans we continued are way to the tour bus. As we got to the bus door we heard and soft voice saying help.  we all looked around when we noticed a girl lying in a puddle of blood. we all ran over to help her out.  Ashley and Jake gently roll her onto her back and grabbed on of the extra shirt from our bands merch and put pressure on the wound.


Ashley moved her blood soaked hair out of her face and just sat there with his eyes wide open


.  Ashley: "Blakly?!"


 The young girl opened her eyes slowly revealing these drop dead gorgeous Ice blue and very familiar  eyes.  


Ashley: "Call 911 Andy."


 I ran to the tour bus to get my cell phone. I dailed 911 and told the operator our destination and explained the scene. I stayed on the line with the operator waiting for the ambulance to arrive. 5 minutes later we heard sirens and Jinxx moved the tour bus out of the way of the ambulance making it easier on the paramedics. They ran towards the girl with a gurney and gently placed her onto it and strapping her to it and rushing to words the ambulance with Ashley following behind.


The ambulance speed off and the rest of us hopped onto the tour bus and headed to the hospital.  When we arrived the girl was rushed into the emergency room as two male nurses tried to stop Ashley from going in with her. Jake and I walked over grabbing Ashley and pulled him over to the waiting room. After getting Ashley to settle down two officers walked over to us.


 Officer 1: " Hello, I am officer Bruce and this is officer Stanson. We were wondering if you could explain what has happened here?"

 Andy: "Of course, we can't tell you much since we only had found her in the ally way in a puddle of what looked to be her blood only, which was caused from what looked to be a stab wound on the left side of her stomach."

 Officer Bruce: "Do you know this girl and who might of Stabbed her?."  Andy: "Ashley here seems to be the only one who knows her, but as far as who did it we are unaware."

 Ashley: "Her name is Blakly Purdy, She is my younger adopted sister and you guys know her."


 The Officers thanked us and headed out for there lunch break. Ashley bounced his leg up and down in worry.


 Jake: "Ashley, relax. She's going to be fine."

 Ashley: " How do you know Jake. you weren't stabbed."  

C.C: "Since when did you have a sister?"

 Ashley: "Um way before I became the lead guitarist in the band. You guys were also around when she was a young girl delivering us refreshments when we had practices in my basement."

 Jinxx: "Oh the little Blondy with ice blue eyes that your parents had adopted?"

 Ashley: "Yea, her."

 Andy: "I knew I recognized those eyes, She's the only girl that I've seen with ice blue eyes."

 Ashley: "Yea, it's been a while since I've seen or spoken to her."

 C.C: "What a perfect way to reunite."


 C.C burst out laughing from his horrible joke, while Ashley glared him down. We sat in silence until a Doctor walked over calling Ashley's  name. Ash Shot up.  


Ashley: "Is she going to be okay?"

 Doctor: " Yes, the sharp object missed any vital arteries but she had lost a lot of blood and needed 20 stitches. Either then that she is completely fine and can go home."

 Ashley: "Oh thank god."  

Doctor: "I just need you to sign some papers before I can allow her to leave, But you can see her before deciding to sign her out and such, she's in room 204. Just have the receptionist page me when your ready."  Ashley: "Thank you doc."  


Ashley ran down the hall to her room as we followed. He opened her room door and walked over to the hospital bed where the young girl rested. Tears ran down Ash's face as he gripped is injured sisters hand.


 Ashley: "This is my fault, I wasn't there to protect you."

 Blakly: "I don't need a man to take care of me."  


Ash's head popped up and he hugged his sister tight. they both laughed at her comment, until she whimpered in pain and gripped her side. Ashley sat back down in the chair when we heard a knock on the door. we all turned our attention to the door where officer Bruce stood, C.C opened the door for him and his partner.


 Officer Bruce: "Sorry for intruding on your family moment, we just need to ask ms. Purdy some questions."

 Blakly: "Is it alright if they stay with me, they deserve to know what happened and this way I don't need to repeat the issue?"  

Officer Bruce: "Of course, whatever makes you comfortable."  


Blakly told the officers what happened and who had stabbed her. The officers thanked her and us and headed to the station to report the criminal so they can arrest him. Ashley headed to the front desk to sign Blakly out and we stood out side her room while the nurse helped her get dressed. Blakly walked out and we all headed to the tour bus and headed to her apartment.  



 Blakly's P.O.V:  

We arrived at my apartment and we all walked up stairs to my floor. I unlocked my door and headed to my bed room to have a shower to wash the blood  out of my hair and change into clean. after finishing my quick shower and changing into pyjamas (www.polyvore.com/untitled_26/set?...), I walked back out to the living room and headed for my kitchen for something quick to eat. I popped a bacon and pepperoni hot pocket into the microwave and Ashley walked over tapping my shoulder.  


Blakly: "Well thank you for getting me out of the hospital and home safely. it was nice seeing you again."

 Ashley: "I think you should come on tour with us, so I know your safe from the psycho's friends. after all her will be going to jail for attempted murder."

 Blakly's: " I'll be fine, it's not going to happen again."

 Ashley: "Your don't know that, I rather be sure you'll be safe and what's safer then 5 guys looking out for you."

 Blakly: "I can't just quit my job and lose my place because you feel I need to travel with you. I've been living here for 3 years, I am fine."

 Ashley: "Would you stop arguing with me. I don't ever want to lose you.. just give your landlord 30 day notice and come with us. Please."  


I stood in silence as Ash stared at her waiting for an answer. I sighed taking a bite out of my pizza pocket  Blakly:


"Fine, but keep fuck face over there away from me."


  Ash smiled and I continued to eat my pizza pocket. after I was finished I put my plate in the sink grabbed a bottle of water and headed to my room.  

Blakly: "I'm heading to bed, there's blankets and pillows in my closet by the bathroom. do whatever. night.

Boys: "Night."  



 Andy's P.O.V:  Blakly stormed of to her room and returned back with a bunch of blankets and tossed them on the couch, then headed back to her room and slammed her bedroom door shut. Why did she call me a fuck face? What did I even do to her. The boy and I discussed the sleeping arrangements, which was decided that C.C, Jake and Jinxx would sleep in the tour bus while Ashley and I stay in the apartment.  

Andy: "So I call the lazy boy chair, since I'm to tall for the couch."  

Ashley: "Yeah sounds good. night."

 Andy: "Night."


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