Its September, and Harley, Rowen and Hudson are starting another term at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, which is usually an exciting time: there are new spells to learn, laughs and quiddich matches to have and many, many rolls of parchment to fill. But not all is as its seems, as events over the summer haven't quite been forgotten, and there something in the air that doesn't seem right. Can everything be pushed aside, potions be made, lessons attended and feasts enjoyed without the air of danger once again cast over the school and its pupils? *loosely based harry potter fan fiction, picture not mine* *all characters are gender-swapped and different things happen in this story which i have created* *all cred to JKRowling for her original ideas, this is purely fan fiction*


3. One's Blue Summer

They all stood on the platform, waving each other off, grins stretching over their faces. Children with piles of suitcases trying to navigate trollies in the sea of parents. Owls squarked and students linked arms, hugged and chatted with their fellow classmates. Pathetic, thought Anguis Malfoy, as she turned away from the window and hunched her shoulders. Her parents hadn't bothered coming to send her back off too school, her father was somehow tied up with the Ministry like he had been all summer, and her mother simply said a feeble goodbye as she sent for a black Bentley alongside chauffeur to drive her to the station. She had arrived before anybody else, and had sat tapping her black patent shoes on the empty station impatiently for almost an hour. 

As the train slowly filled up with the hoards of old and new students, Anguis sat in her empty booth of the train, waiting for her her two closest allies, Vienna and Glory to come and join her for the journey. It was a long and tiresome ride, departing from London at eleven in the morning, not arriving at Hogwarts until the early evening. It was a slow and uneventful journey in Anguis's mind, and she did not want to travel completely alone. She would have died from boredom, there being nothing to do, the most thrilling part of the ride being getting off the train at the end of it.

A small girl with mousy hair and robes at least three sizes too large peeked in through the window of her booth, evidently trying to find a seat. Anguis shot her a foul, despising look, and she scurried off before she even attempted to open the wooden door. She smiled, smoothing her sleek, platinum blonde hair that hung loose and dead straight. The feeling of power made her feel in control and confident, something she hadn't felt all summer. It felt good to be coming back for that reason: the summer had been rather uneventful, solitarirly roaming the corridors of her Manor house, exciting activities included counting the numbers of rooms or annoying one of the staff for the entire holiday. Her parents seemed to be too busy for her this year, even though she was curious why she didn't dare ask. They would scold her for putting her head into other peoples business, as they did frequently when they had dinner every evening. She admired her parents greatly, but ever since she got home from the end of last term, her relationship with them had frayed, for reasons she didn't understand. 

She checked her silver, emerald plated watch and scowled. The train was going to leave in less than ten minutes, and neither Glory or Vienna had showed up yet. She brought out her wand and flipped it several times in her hand, already anticipating the new hexes and spells she could spark on others this term. Although she abided to the rules, nothing gave her more pleasure at school than taunting her rival students, especially ones with muggle blood flowing through their veins. She shuddered just at the thought of them. 

Finally, two figures stumbled through the door, clutching clean, tailor made Slytherin robes and expensive leather handbags. Anguis straightened her back and looked directly at them.

"Finally! Three minutes later and we would have left! What on earth took you so long?" Anguis enquired. 

The two girls exchanged glances. 

"First years, the little pests. Blocking up all the carriages of the bloody train. It took us at least half an hour to shove past them all. I don't think they realise that you have to respect their elders and let us pass. Its the way the world works, after all." Said Vienna.

Anguis smiled. "Did you run into any of our housemates along the way? The Greengrass brothers? Bletchley?" she asked.

"No, but we unfortunately bumped into the foul twins of the Weasly family, who tried to persuade us to eat one of their disgusting new inventions. Apparently they were supposed to make your nose smaller, which I thought was a rather rude offer, personaly." Said Glory. 

"You would have taken one if it weren't the Weasley's though, lets be honest. Your nose is rather large." Snickered Vienna.

Anguis laughed again, Glory thoroughly unimpressed with them both, checking her nose in her hand mirror.

Steam began to pour out of the trains funnel, and the wheels started to strain and roll along the tracks, every second now drawing them nearer to Hogwarts. Anguis took one more look at the parents bidding their children farewell, felt a small stab at her heart before quickly looked back at her friends. 

It felt good to laugh. It didn't happen as much as it should.


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