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Eighteen year old Katelyn had never in her life doubted herself or her life. Somehow, with the help of a curious teenage girl, Kate finally figures out who she truely is and what secrets that has been kept from her.


5. 4

"Finally! What took you so long?" My mum asked when I finally stepped inside closing the door with my butt.

"It took too long to chose what to pick," I lied smoothly. Well it's not really a lie, but it's not really the truth either.

"Alright, darling. Just place them on the counter and start unpacking. Hurry so it doesn't melt." I just nodded and started unpacking while thinking about what happened earlier.

That girl looked at me like she knew me, like she had seen me somewhere else. But then again she probably had at some point. The city is big but not that big either. But the funny thing is, I've never seen her before. She had an accent that said she wasn't from around here. Still the UK just a town more up north maybe, I don't know.

But I don't have a twin brother, that's just crazy! I have twin brothers, Finnegan and Jackson, but that the only siblings I have. Though I don't know who my father is. Long story short, she left us before Finn and Jack were even born, and I was only like one and a half years old. I don't remember anything that far back.

"Sweetie is something wrong?" My mum suddenly asked. I blinked. I noticed I was standing in the middle of the kitchen with a frozen bag of peas. Ew. I quickly put them in the freezer and closed it behind me.

"No, mum, I'm fine," I answered and threw out the empty plastic bags. She raised an eyebrow at me and I raised my hand in defense.

"What? I didn't do anything!" I shouted at ran towards the stairs. My mum shook her head and continued on whatever she was doing. I walked up the stairs and into my room. I looked at my One Direction poster on the wall and smiled. I sat on my bed and opened my MacBook laptop. Going on YouTube and wrote 'One Direction' and clicked on the first video that came up. I sang along softly as the lyrics started.

"Hey girl, I'm waiting on ya, I'm waiting on ya.."

• • •

"LET'S GO CRAZY, CRAZY, CRAZY 'TIL WE SEE THE SUN!" I screamed along with the music on full volume and danced around my bedroom. I had the biggest grin on my face.

"Whenever I close my eyes, I picture you there
I'm looking out at the crowd, you're everywhere," I sang along to the next song from the same album. I sighed happily. I loved this song. It had to be one of my favorites from that album. I just loved it when Louis sang it made my smile end bigger. I've always had a soft spot for Louis's voice. It's just so special and unique, I love it.

"Turn down the torture! My ears are bleeding!" Finn yelled running past my open bedroom door.

"Suck it up, loser!" I yelled back at him just as the song was ending so I was positive he heard it. I laughing when his bedroom door slammed behind him. Sour loser.

• • •


So, hi! Is anyone even reading this? If you're reading, please, show me you want me to continue. I honestly don't want to continue, if no one is reading, if you know what I mean?

- Bye!

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