Unexpected | n.h *ON HOLD*

Eighteen year old Katelyn had never in her life doubted herself or her life. Somehow, with the help of a curious teenage girl, Kate finally figures out who she truely is and what secrets that has been kept from her.


12. 11

I walked and walked and walked. I don't know how long I had been out, a couple minutes, hours, I wouldn't know, because I didn't bring my phone with me. It's with Niall and my parents. I sighed as I sat on the sidewalk, resting my head on my arms crossed across my knees.

I really don't know how I'm suppose to react to this. Should I be surprised, happy, betrayed, relieved, angry, sad or just simply cold to it? My emotions are messed up, I don't know what I'm doing to do with myself.

A loud honk interrupted my thoughts, as a pair of headlights illuminated to darkening streets.

"Katelyn! There you are! I was starting to worry about you!" The sound of Maura's relieved voice was the last drop. Tears started pouring out off my eyes, wetting my jeans clad legs as I sobbed into my knees.

"Oh, Katelyn, dear, come here!" Maura helped me stand on my feet, letting me sob into her shoulder like Rebecca always let me do when I was sad.

Rebecca.. Andy.. My parents. I miss them so much and it has only, like, a day. I never knew I would miss them so much. This thought sent a whole new round of tears streaming down my cheeks.

"Come on, Kate, let's go home."

Home.. I don't know where my home is anymore. I thought is was with my biological parents, but I'm not so sure anymore..

• • •

When we finally reached the house again, I immediately went upstairs into my assigned room. Niall and Bobby had left shortly after I did. For some reason that thought made me sad. I flopped down on my bed without changing to my PJs just looking at the white ceiling.

I know Maura and Bobby were divorced when Niall was young.

I was given away when I had almost just been born.

My middle name is Rose apparently. I never knew I had a middle name. I kinda like it. I'm going to keep my current last name though, since Finn and Jack is like my own broth-

Finn and Jack! Oh my god I forgot I had to call them!

I quickly scrammed to my feet and searched around in my bags for my white IPhone. I finally found it and saw multiply messages and missed calls from the twins. I furiously typed on my phone and called the first of them on my contacts.

"Katie! Finally! What's going on?" Finn immediately started firing questions at me, me interrupting him before he could continue.

"Is Jack with you?"


"Put me on speakerphone. I really don't feel like repeating this," I said. I heard shuffling on the other end and I knew I was on speaking.

"Jack? Are you there?"

"Yes, I'm right here, Katelyn," he answered. I could only imagine him nodding his head right now, or rolling his eyes at me.

"Okay, boys, listen up, I'm only going to say this once."

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