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Eighteen year old Katelyn had never in her life doubted herself or her life. Somehow, with the help of a curious teenage girl, Kate finally figures out who she truely is and what secrets that has been kept from her.


2. 1

"Kate! Stop fooling around and give me the darn remote!" My little brother shouted, clearly frustrated as I was holding the TV remote out of his reach. I smiled a big toothy grin of shook my head from side to side.

"Sorry, no can do, little brother!" Jack groaned at my choice of name but continued in trying to get the remote from my outstretched hand. I held it behind my back and walked backwards meanwhile wriggling out of his grasp.

"Kate, be nice to him!" Finn commented as he walked into the living room and saw Jack and I's little fight. Taking advantage of the distraction, Jack finally snatched the remote from my hand. I groaned and sighed loudly as I threw myself at the sofa before an of the two could get the chance. Though, of course, it didn't stop them. I ended up in the bottom of a the three of us squashed to death.

"Get off of me! You elephants weight a ton!" I shouted trying to get them off of me but failing epically due to absolutely no upper body strength.

"Nah I'm quite comfy. What about you Finn?" Jack asked his twin brother.

"Yeah, Jack, I think I'm just going to stay here."

"What?" I asked in shock, panting. I'm pretty sure they're crushing my lungs. Oh my gosh. "Finn!" I shouted and slapped his arm. He pretended it hurt mocking a pained expression.

"That's not helping you, love, that's for sure!" I groaned and relaxed in my neck so my head hit the soft pillows.

"Finn, Finn the better twin..." I hummed to myself. Finn and Jacks heads snapped to me so fast it could give them whiplash.

"What did you say?" Jack asked in disbelief. I raised an eyebrow at him and smiled big showing off my braces.

"Finn, Finn the better twin!" I screamed and laughed at their shocked faces. They jumped in surprise and I groaned at the weight but continued giggling.

"Where did you get that?" Finn asked with a amused smile on his face. I shrugged the best I could.

"You find loads of funny stuff on the Internet, eh?" I lifted my eyebrows up and down in a little dance. "Plus it rimes," I added and shrugged again with a little laugh. It's quite catchy, too.

"And to believe that you're almost nineteen," Finn commented and stood up from, well, me. I sat up and kicked Jack to the floor. I rolled my eyes.

"And I do believe that you're only seventeen!" I bursted out laughing, pointing at them. Finn and Jack looked at each other before joining my laughing fit. As always they're probably only laughing at me because of my laugh. What can I say, it's quite contagious.

Finn, Finn the better twin he looks like Jack and Jack looks like him... How do people even come up with this kind of stuff?

• • •


This is the first official chapter of my new story. No it's not only about Jack and Finn Harries, One Direction will come in at some point in the story. So please bare with me on this one. It will become different later and the twins will not be there quite as much as they are now...


• • •

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