Secrets and Confessions

Lacey Pendleton is an average girl. She goes to Riverland high school and has amazing friends who will be there for her through everything. Right? Lacey has secrets. And only one person knows them. Her childhood best friend,Harry. So what happens when he asks for a massive favour that will control her life?


2. School

Lacey's PoV:

I woke up and smiled at the blond headed freak jumping on my bed. He smiled back and hugged me before running downstairs giggling. I walked over to my walk in closet and picked out a mint green skater skirt and a white crop top with pink roses on it. I picked out my white converse all stars and left my hair wavy with a flowery head band on. Perfect! I looked in the mirror and pulled a funny face before grabbing my mint green backpack with a white lace pattern on the front (in case you can't tell, my fave colour is mint green ;)) and ran downstairs to the smell of pancakes, yum!

I ate my choc chip pancakes kissed my mum and jack and walked out the door, grabbing my mint penny board with pale pink wheels on the way and started off towards school. I stopped at my neighbours gate and waited for the curly haired freak called Harry to come stumbling out the door in his White t-shirt and black skinny jeans paired with his classic white converse all stars. He chucked his board down and shouted bye to his mum who was standing at the door. I waved to her and we left.

Harry and I were Best Friends all our child hood. We practically grew up together. We're not as close now, but we still got each others backs. We may not talk anymore but we don't need to. We have a silent love for each other that doesn't show its face but we know it's there. We rode in a comfortable silence all the way to the gates where we parted ways with a simple "bye".

I walked over to my locker and was soon joined by Laila and Emily. Two of my Best friends. We grabbed our stuff and stood talking about our latest crushes.

As Laila rambled on about some new kid in her class Harry and his 'group' walked into the hallway. They were the most popular guys in the school. As they walked past Zayn winked at me. I rolled my eyes and smiled as he walked away. I mean, Zayn's okay but we've never spoke before. Harry and I don't really mix in school so I never really talk to his friends and he never talks to mine.

*bell rings*

We grabbed our books and walked to home room. I walked in and sat at the back in corner and played on my phone. Mr Jamison took the register and just as he finished the door burst open and a boy in a black t-shirt and ripped skinny jeans walked in and sat next to me. Why me?

"Louis Tomlinson! Why are you late again?" Louis looked up at mr Jamison and smirked "same reason as last week sir" mr Jamison rolled his eyes and went back to reading his book.

I looked up at the piercing blue eyes that were now staring at me. "Um, can I help you?" I asked. This made him smile. "Hello." He replied. I rolled my eyes and said "Hi." Before looking back at my phone but I could feel his eyes piercing the side of my face. I looked back up and he smiled again. This was weird. Me and Louis never spoke. He was one of Harry's friends whom I have never spoken to and now, I've had one of them wink at me and another sit next to me and want a conversation. Wtf?

I looked back at Louis who held out his hand and said "Louis" I giggled and took his hand and said "Lacey" he smiled again. "That's a beautiful name. I like it" I blushed and looked down whilst mumbling a quick "thanks"

*bell rings*

I walked out of home room and to my next class. Maths. Great.

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