Secrets and Confessions

Lacey Pendleton is an average girl. She goes to Riverland high school and has amazing friends who will be there for her through everything. Right? Lacey has secrets. And only one person knows them. Her childhood best friend,Harry. So what happens when he asks for a massive favour that will control her life?


1. Me

Lacey's PoV:

Hi! I'm Lacey. Lacey Pendleton. I'm 16 and I go to Riverland high. I live with my mum and younger brother jack, he's 4. I have amazing friends who will be there for me through everything and I would do the same for them. Don't get me wrong, I'm not popular or anything, but I'm not invisible, I'm just kinda, in the middle...if that makes sense?

I guess I should tell you what I look like then?

Well, I have brown wavy hair and dull green eyes. Not that I hate them that's just the shade they are. Dull green. I'm about 5.4" and I'm not skinny but not obese. I'm average, I guess. I think that's it? Oh well, let's just get into the story......

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