The Home From The 1960's

When a "loving friend" dare apparently fearless friends Sam and Abby to enter an abandoned home from the 1960's things get weird and possibly scary. Will they regret their actions or will they feel pity?


3. Welcome

Sam's POV

Well, as soon as Aryana opened the door, she quickly pushed Abby and I into the house and closed the door behind us. It just happened all too fast. Aryana didn't give us flashlights but me and Abby brought our phones so we were good, plus they were both fully charged. 

"So-What do we do for the next hour?" Abby calmly asked. Pretty good question actually.

"Um, I don't know. Let's look around."

Wow I was actually pretty calm too. We both pulled out our phone and turned on the flashlight because, well it was pretty dark inside. All of the curtains were closed, weird. We started looking around but then there was a loud creak, I thought it was Abby but when I looked over at her, she looked as if she saw a ghost. Well, our plan was not to split up but when we heard another creak and some muffled voices we freaked out and ran in different directions. I ended up in some sort of kitchen and I think that Abby ran upstairs. 

Once I calmed down a bit more, I started looking around in the kitchen. I was very, very shocked as soon as I saw a modern day fridge ,yup, a fridge, in an "abandoned" house from the 60's. Something definitely isn't right. I started slowly walking towards it, listening to the faint sound of my black and white converse touching the wood floor. When I was about to open the fridge door, I felt like I was being watched, I pushed that thought behind and kept on reaching for the handle but then I felt a warm breath on my neck which caused the little hairs on the back of my neck to rise.

When I was about to turn around and scream, Someone put their hand on my mouth and wrapped their arm around my waist so I couldn't turn around or scream for Abby. But being the person I am, I screamed for Abby but the person's grip got tighter. I was now in full panic mode!

Abby's POV

I actually feel kind of bad for Sam running away from her to go upstairs but I was scared to be honest and I wouldn't be surprised if she was too. 

Anyways, I decided to make the best of the situation and walk around a bit and see what's up here. The people who used to live here or still live here must of been really rich in order to afford all of this stuff. I found lots of bedding and clothing made out of silk and lots of gold jewelry. Fancy but there weren't any mustaches so it wasn't too fancy. 

After about 2 more minutes of looking around I heard someone yelling "ABBY! ABBY HELP! ABBY PLEASE!" So I was guessing it was Sam, so I run downstairs and walk into a room which I was guessing was the living room. The yelling stopped and there was no sound. Well there was sound,I heard snoring, yup snoring.

Really Sam? This is no time to be sleeping, you were just yelling and freaking out! I kept on thinking to myself.

I kept on walking until I found couch with some sort of boy on it sleeping. He was sleeping on his back with his tongue sticking out of his open mouth. He was somewhat cute, he had blond hair in a quiff, a black lip ring, black skinny jeans with a white T-shirt that had a black and red flannel tied to his waist. 

Most people would leave him be but being the person I am, decided to wake him up. I grabbed his shoulder tightly and started shaking it. After a while he woke up and he had bright blue eyes, they were a bit too bright though. 

"Well hello there, I'm Luke. Were you the one screaming?" 'Luke' said

"Um-Hi Luke? My friend Sam was the one screaming and I can't find her."

"Not surprised, Michael probably has her. Tell me your name." Oh my God, I thought he would help me but guess not.

"Listen Luke, I need to find her so if you won't help me then fine, just don't get in my way." Wow, I sounded a but harsh and rude, but he deserved it. As I tried to walk away, he grabbed my wrist and pulled me around so I was facing him.

Wow, he tall and not Sam tall, he is Sam's cousins tall, which is really tall. He was strong and it kind of hurt but there was no way I would show that.

"Sorry darling, but I need your name, so just tell me."

"No." I said it very clear so he would understand and let me go but hey, he didn't.

"Why not?" He is really getting annoying. 

I got mad, so I took my hand and let my nails sink into his wrist, he winced in pain and let go. I took the moment to my advantage and ran back upstairs but to the floor above the one I was on before I heard screaming.

I heard foot steps so I freaked out and ran into the closest room, which was the bathroom. I locked the door and stood by the sink not making any noise.

"Oh come on! I only wanted to know your name! I'll help you look for her if you come out and tell me your name!" Crap, it was Luke. I did need the help so I came out.

As I stepped out, Luke was right outside the door, great.


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