The Home From The 1960's

When a "loving friend" dare apparently fearless friends Sam and Abby to enter an abandoned home from the 1960's things get weird and possibly scary. Will they regret their actions or will they feel pity?


5. Reunited?

Abby's POV

Well, he found me, hooray!

"Abby." Well, he wanted my name so I gave him my name.

"What?" Wow he's stupid

"You wanted my name so I told you my name. Now help me find Sam you idiot." Damn it! I really do sound rude don't I?

"Do you think she is with Michael?" Who the hell is Michael?! He really makes NO sense what so ever.

"I don't know who Michael is or if he has her so can you help me? I heard her screaming downstairs so." How stupid is he?!

"Okay, let's go check the basement." Luke said while literally dragging me to the basement.t

I was honestly too tired from all of my arguing, so I just let him drag me down the stairs.

Once he brought me to what looked to be the kitchen, he let go of me and motioned me to follow him.

We walked slowly walked around the first floor he finally stopped at a door, which I assume leads to the basement.

"Well go on, open it Luke."

"Fine." He mumbled to himself.

When he tried to open the door, it didn't open so I'm guessing it was locked but he kept on trying to open it.


As I looked at his hand, I noticed that it was starting to look really hairy and he had sharp claws forming, his arms looked like they belonged to a wolf.

"Hey, Luke, are you okay?" To be honest, it was kind of scary.

Sam's POV

"What if I don't want to go downstairs?" I questioned.

"Okay, here's the deal, I live in this house with 3 other boys but only 2 of us are dead, me and Calum. When I died, because I did some pretty bad things, I became a demon but Calum on the other hand, died a victom and so he is a ghost. I might look like I am alive but I am not. Calum looks like any other teenage boy, except for the fact that he can disappear, walk through walls and you can kind of see through him. Then there is Ashton, he was born a vampire and still is a vampire, then there is Luke, he is a werewolf, he was also born like that. Do you understand?"

Well then, that is a lot of information to take in at once!

"Surprisingly yes. But I have 1 question, how did Calum die?" I was very curious.

"Um, well Calum and I were best friends when we were little and he was my only friend, after a while me and Luke started hating each other and Calum left me to go and be friends with Luke. I got really mad and killed Calum, I know I am crazy."

WOW! He is like the dead boy version of me! But he actually succeeded in killing someone.

"I understand why you would do that."

He was about to say something but he got cut off by someone yelling.


"Oh no, not again." What was he talking about?

"What are you talking about Mike?"

"Wait for it." Wait for what?


"Open the door Mike, he has Abby."

"Just wait for it okay."

Within a matter of seconds I heard a dog scratching the door, or a werewolf.

"AWE! Did Lukey turn into a werewolf again? Better not make a fool out of yourself, we have guests over!"

I didn't do anything but laugh at Michael's comments, come on they were funny!

After a few more minutes of laughing he finally unlocked and opened the door.

Abby's POV

Luke didn't answer me the first time I asked him if he was okay and it was getting a bit too much for me. He started transforming into a wolf and started scratching on the door which I thought was absolutely adorable!

I started hearing yelling from who I assume was Michael and I heard a girl laughing. OMG! Was Sam the one laughing?! 

When the door was unlocked, Luke ran downstairs and I followed him.

We then saw Sam and a random boy sitting on chairs laughing at me and Luke! How rude!

"Hey Alberta!" Oh don't you Alberta me Samantha!

"Don't call me Alberta, Sammy!" Oh this is going to be good!

"Then don't call me Sammy! I am 18 not 5! You know I don't like that name!" She complained, predictable.

"Anyways, why were you and some strange looking boy alone in the basement with the door locked?" I questioned her.

The boy spoke up, finally! 

"My name is Michael and I brought her down here, nothing happened Alberta." 


"ABBIGAIL! I wouldn't EVER do that with some weird boy I literally just met in some old house!"


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