The Home From The 1960's

When a "loving friend" dare apparently fearless friends Sam and Abby to enter an abandoned home from the 1960's things get weird and possibly scary. Will they regret their actions or will they feel pity?


23. No Escape

Abby's POV

"What?" Luke asked clueless.

"I said 'I'm going to leave now, bye wolfy." Did you not hear me?" I replied harshly.

"I heard you Abby."

"Then why did you ask me 'what'? Explain that genius." I shot back.

I sick and tired of him.

"Y-you c-can't l-l-leave." Luke stuttered.

"Why can't I? I don't see anything stopping me." I told him with a hint of sass.

"It's against the rules." He said with a bit more confidence.

He still didn't seem too sure about it.

"Yeah? Well rules were made to be broken." 

To me and Sam it's true.

Luke was opened his mouth to speak but closed his mouth again when my ringtone, Night Owl started playing while my phone was buzzing in my pockets.

I took out my phone and went in to my messages.

There was an unknown number.

Don't try to leave. ~Anonymous

"He found you. He is watching us." Luke's voice was filled with fear.

Pure fear.

"What do you mean by 'he?' It could be a wrong number. Don't get your hopes up wolfy." I snapped.

My phone went off again.

Wolfy, I like it. He isn't lying though Abby. I can see you. I finally found you! ~Anonymous

"I-I w-wasn't l-lying." Luke stuttered again.

I texted back 'he/Anonymous.'

How the hell do you know my number you creep?!

I got an instant reply.

I've been watching your little friend, Samantha. I've seen you guys hang out since you two were little. Samantha was more interesting to watch than you. ~Anonymous

"What the hell? You know this person?" I asked with a rather rude tone of voice.

Luke nodded.

"Who is he?"

I got another text from 'Anonymous.'

Tom, I'm Tom. I prefer Anonymous though sweetheart. ~Anonymous/Tom


"Yeah, he does. What's the big deal?" Luke asked me innocently.

"Oh yeah. A creepy man in his thirties who turns people into dolls, is on drugs and is a total psychopath has my phone number and has been watching me and Sam, he also knows where I am. What's wrong with that?" I asked him sarcastically.

"That's it, I'm leaving whether it's the last thing I do." I told myself aloud, being sassy of course.

I tried to open the door but it's locked so I tried picking the lock and I at it for about 20 minutes and it didn't work.

I grabbed a bunch of heavy objects and started throwing them at the windows.

They wouldn't break.

"Luke! Punch the windows. NOW!" I demanded.

He got up and obeyed but they still wouldn't break.

I punched them my hardest several times but nothing happened.

Good luck getting out. By the way, you can't leave. There is no escape! ~Anonymous/Tom

"There is an escape, I know there is." I muttered.

I have to be right.

There is an escape and I'm certain of that.

There is no way in Hell that Tom will prevent me from leaving.

Sam's POV

Well, off to the 'lab' I guess.

"Is it normal to not trust him?" I asked Michael quietly.

"Ashton or Tom?" 

"Ashton already lost my trust, I'm talking about doll dude." I said.

"Perfectly normal. What happened between you two?" He asked me.

"Ashton or Tom?" I mocked.

"I'm obviously talking about Ashton." Michael said, loud enough that Ashton heard.

"What about me?" Ashton asked us while turning around.

"Oh, we weren't talking about you. We were talking about my baby cousin, he is named Ashton." I lied.

"How old is he?" Ashton asked again.

Why would he want to know?

"He is one year old." I answered.

"Why were you talking about him?"

Why can't he stop asking questions?!

"Michael was me asking if I had any cousins younger than me. I don't know why he was asking me though."

"Why were you asking Sam that Michael?" Ashton questioned, once again.

"Why do YOU keep on asking US questions?" Michael snapped.

"Just keep on walking Ashton, keep on walking." I told him.

He obeyed and started walking again.

Ashton was in the front, leading of course, then Michael and I were behind him.

We kept on looking back to see if Tom was following us.

Ashton lead us to yet another staircase, that went into the church's basement this time.

"What is up with these stairs?" I said to myself, very quietly.

We walked down the staircase, again, then Ashton walked over to a wall then started hitting it.

"What are you doing Ashton?" 

"He is trying to find another door. The door leads to another staircase, the staircase leads to an elevator and the elevator leads to the lab." Michael pointed out to me.

"Shouldn't he know where the staircase is?" I asked again.

"It is very well hidden so no one can find it. Ashton hasn't been here in a about two months, he must've forgot."

I nodded, trying to take in all of the information.

Even though there wasn't much information to even take in.

Ashton punched a corner and the two walls that connected, moved apart.

They only left a space big enough for one person to squeeze through.

Therefore, we would all have to go through single file.

"Well, come on. We don't have all day." Said Ashton, gesturing for us to enter so we could enter.

He opened the door then started walking down the stairs, followed by me, then Michael.

We entered the elevator, then Ashton took out a key, put in a hole, then started pushes a bunch of yellow buttons.

The elevator doors closed quickly, leaving a loud noise after they closed.

It brought us down to a level below the basement.

So technically we are now entering the real basement.

As we went down, it started getting really cold.

I untied the flannel shirt I had tied to my waist and put it on.

It sort of helped keeping me warm.

The elevator came to a stop and the doors slowly opened.

"If they close so fast, then why do they open so slow?" I thought to myself.

We stepped out of the moving room, aka the elevator and entered Tom's lab.

When I looked around, it looked like a mad scientist's laboratory.

I feel like I'm a character from a movie.

A movie with a great plot and a great story overall.

The only thing is, this isn't a movie, the plot to this story might be great but the overall story is terrible if you're one of the characters.

"So, he will want to do the standard testing to make sure that you, Sam, are in fact a demon. If the results show positive, then you are a real demon and we will start complex testing, for beginners, for the reason that he has only done complex testing once. After we do the basics for beginners, we will do the more tricky stuff, he is a mad scientist, a doll obsessed middle aged man and a psycho so he has been observing your behavior so he knows what to expect for your reactions. Same with you Michael. For each and every test, there could be a possibility of pain. I have never been someone getting tested on so I am not sure how much it will hurt. There is a possibility of permanent death in some of the complex tests but if you two have souls linked together, your first instincts will be what you will want to do. Do it. Whatever comes to mind first is the right answer. I have been talking a lot so I will wrap this up quickly, good luck and please don't be gone for real." Ashton explained.

Wow that was long!
"What do you mean by permanent death?" Michael asked.

"Well, you will be stuck in the under realms forever. That's at least all of the information that alive creatures have on the effects. If one of you die, the other one does too." Ashton answered.

"Thanks Ashy for that explanation, I can take over from here." The disgusting Tom said.

"The standard testing will take from 5-7 hours and the complex testing is more complicated and there is more than one person. I have only done the complex testing once, not to be alarmed but the link between souls was fake. I therefore will know if your souls aren't connected and shit like that. The complex testing will take about 9-11 hours, this all takes time. You will feel incredible pain and you two will be doing courses for testing purposes, do what comes to mind first. Samantha, during your testing, do whatever you feel is necessary and say whatever you feel is necessary. This all will determine what type of demon you will become. Meaning, it will depending on your behavior, it will determine and limit your powers. If you have any questions, they will be answered, then we will start."

Why is this so complicated?

"Um, yes, I have a few questions for you Tom." I started.

"1, do you know what you're doing? It sure doesn't seem like you can determine all of this."

"Oh Samantha, dear, dear Samantha. I'm a real magician and a mad scientist. I am dangerous and knowledgeable." Tom answered, very weirdly.

"Okay then, number two, do you take drugs?" I asked curiously.

"I smoke weed and drink a lot of beer, if that answers your question." He replied bitterly.

"Lucky number three, what would you do to me if I ever burned all of your dolls?" I raised my left eyebrow in the process of speaking.

"I would hunt you down, kidnap you, then permanently kill you. Are you done with your silly questions?" 

"Yes and no, they actually aren't silly, not at all. They are serious questions that I wanted the answers to. They may have offended you but you can't call them silly, because they aren't." I corrected.

"Ashton, get her in the chair and set her up. Then, wait with Michael, you two will see the process." Tom ordered.

Ashton nodded and I quickly walked over to him.

He brought me into a room that had walls made out of glass.

There was a big leather chair, like the chairs at the dentist.

I sat down and Ashton put straps all over my body to keep me in place.

"I'm sorry" He whispered while placing clear suction cup like sticker on my face, they happened to be attached to multiple wires.

I don't know what they are called.


"Ashton, she's ready, get out so I can operate. Close and lock the door from the outside when you leave." Tom's voice boomed through speakers attached to the walls.

Am I ready for this?

Probably not.




I said that the testing would be in this chapter but the preparations and explanations were!

I wrote more than usual so I decided to leave the actual testing for Chapter 24!
Again, sorry but Abby was being extra sassy so I did do that.

Like usual, thanks for reading, liking, leaving favorites and also leaving encouraging comments!

It's so kind and thank you so much!




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