The Home From The 1960's

When a "loving friend" dare apparently fearless friends Sam and Abby to enter an abandoned home from the 1960's things get weird and possibly scary. Will they regret their actions or will they feel pity?


20. I Don't Miss You

Ashton's POV

I think that Samantha's plan is CRAZY!

It's never going to work, he will not listen, plus he locked the door.

She was right when she said that it was the only plan that we had because it was.

It was worth a shot.

Calum and I just sat in silence playing on our phones, occasionally texting each other instead of actually talking to each other because not many people do that anymore.

I hope that her plan works, if it doesn't, then we're screwed.

Tom can be scary and I sure am scared right now, I don't want to just be another one of his dolls.

He's been trying to find vampires for a while so he can have vampire dolls, once he found me, he was very happy.

He will use anything and everything against me, if I don't do what he says, I'm done and another one of his toys.

Calum and I sat down in silence for about 15 more minutes until Michael came outside.



Her insane plan actually worked!

Wow, anything's possible.

Well, I might be over-reacting but still, it worked!

Where's Sam?

What is going on?

"Hey Vampy, I agree but I need you to tell me everything that happened at the church. Miss a detail and I will end you." Michael informed me while using a VERY ANNOYING nickname.

In the house we stay at, we call each other weird and irritating names, Vampy is one of those names.

"Fair enough Hot Head." I started explaining everything and I did not leave out any details.

I won't be ended by Tom and I won't be ended by Michael and yes, Hot Head is another irritating nickname but it's Michael's.

"Freak." Said Michael after I finished telling him about the whole situation.

We both stood up and entered the house in search of the girl that could potentially be deadly.

Abby's POV

I feel like I should ask Sam what's going on but I know that I won't get a proper answer.

She knows more than I do and I am sure of it.

Maybe she will tell me if I ask her again but this time on text.

A brilliant plan once again thought of by Abby!

Here goes nothing.

I exited my cat game and went into messages.

Hey Tham, 1 question. What are you not telling me? ~Alberta

That should do it!

Now we wait.

Tham is what I call Sam on text because sometimes when people try to be cute (key word: TRY) they will pronounce an S as the sound that TH makes.

I'm not as weird as you may think I am.

Sam just texted me back with hopefully a good answer.

I looked up at her and she gave me the legendary look of annoyance.


Stop Abby, I don't know anything more than you do so can you just drop it and back off? ~Sam

 Did she just tell me to back off?!

How dare she!

Did you just say what I think you said? ~Abby

She has got a lot of nerves today because she knows not to ask that.


Yup, I just did and if you aren't sure then read the text again. I don't know anything more than you do, okay? ~Sam

I reread the text and she did tell me to back off.

What is up with her?

Is it that time of the month? Don't get mad at me because I am a girl too! ~Abby

It is really annoying and rude whenever a girl gets mad or upset and a boy assumes that she's on her period. Like seriously?

I looked up at her and she mouthed something to me.

I didn't know what she said so I texted her.

What are you trying to tell me? ~Abby

I am confused.

I said "NO", I am not on my period, I'm just really pissed off because you keep on asking me the same question even though I told you the answer! ~Sam

Jeez, carry on with your reading, bookworm. ~Abby

How do I know that she is reading because it's basically all she does on her phone.

She is a fan girl, always reading fan fiction and obsessing over people.

How did you know that I was reading? ~Sam

You always read fan fiction, then explain it to me and then rant on about it. I know you're reading Sam. ~Abby

Fine. ~Sam

She is too predictable.

Michael's POV

After Ashton finished explaining to me what happened at the church with one of, if not, the creepiest dude ever, I wanted to hurt him.

Just a sudden urge.


I know he will make us work to his advantage like how he did with Ashton.

Why is everyone so God damn predictable?

"Well, I told you everything, you agreed to the tests and I don't want to be plastic so let's go get Samantha then leave." Ashton told me.

I nodded and started walking towards the house with Ashton following behind, leaving Calum alone in the yard.

I still don't like Calum.

Just a random fact I guess.

I walked into the living where Luke and Abby were, so I think Sam would be there too.

I was right and she was on the couch texting or reading on her phone.

"Sam, come on. We got to go and discuss some stuff." Ash said to her, still behind me.

She got up and walked to us while tucking her phone into her jean pockets, which were still wet.


We started walking into the woods again but Ashton told her to get onto his back to fly her there but I think it would be best if I took her.

"Nope!" I said while grabbing onto her waist once again and decided to teleport her there with me since it was was way quicker.

Once we got there I let go of her and she jumped back, in shock I guess.

"Don't worry, if you really are a demon then you will be able to teleport too with practice." I informed her.

"Great." Sam mumbled under her breath sarcastically.

"So, it will take Ashton a while to get here, so about another 10 minutes so we should stick together and stay away from the church. Ashton is one of the few reasons why we are somewhat safe around here but he isn't here right now and Tom is dangerous. Don't run away or leave my side, okay?" I don't usually say that.

Well I haven't even said anything like that in my entire life, or afterlife.

What is happening to me?

"Alright, but I won't stick to your side, that's weird, too weird for even me Michael." She said in a joking manner.

I chuckled, which I never do, so I tried to be quiet but it didn't work too well because she gave me a smirk.

Oh boy.

She started climbing a tree and sat on one of the thickest and highest branches.

I decided to join her and it wasn't too hard to get up there, luckily.

We sat in silence and 11 minutes later, Ashton finally showed up.

Sam and I looked at each other with smirks on our faces.

We both jumped off the branch and screamed, which scared the living shit out of Ashton.


We all started laughing but then we heard a voice that came from the church doors, which were now opened.

"You missed me didn't you?"

Stupid, stupid Tom.

"I don't miss you and I never will miss you." I shot at him.

He put a hand to his heart and smirked.

"Ouch, still rude, I can fix that." He disgusts me.

"Anyways," Tom continued "I don't have many visitors anymore, come on in and Ashton, bring them into my lovely, lovely office, stay with them too. I will be there soon."

What the hell is he doing?

Sam's POV

He is a total freak.

I am a very straightforward person and I can be painfully honest but I think people have already told him so I will keep my mouth shut.

Michael and I followed Ashton into the church while Tom entered a room labeled 'Employees Only.'

He isn't an employee.

The manikins are still there and I am shaking right now.

I am very afraid of spiders and manikins.

Also after watching the first episode of 'Doctor Who', I did start staring at manikins to make sure that they won't move.

I am really, really, really weird so, don't expect a lot of logical statements from me.

Ashton turned many sharp corners and eventually lead us to an old, rusty, metal staircase.

"Well, ladies first." Ashton started pointing to the stairs.

"Once I get up there, I won't know where to go and I don't trust anything or anyone in this church so, no."

I am not going up there unless Ashton or Michael go up there first.

I am also stubborn.

Ashton sighed and made his way up the stairs followed by me, then Michael.

Ashton also lead us into a room that smelt like a rotting corpse.

Well isn't that just amazing.

We all stood in the room near a desk, which smelt of rotting corpse too but it was damp, rotting wood.

Better than a corpse, I hope.

After 10 minutes of standing in complete silence, Tom still wasn't there.

What is taking him so long?



Hello there!

It is me, Sam, again, I know.

I know it has been taking me a while and you guys have been waiting for a while, so, sorry!

Thank you for being patient though, that means a lot and also there a crap ton of reads, likes and favorites so thank you for that too!

Like I said before, expect an update every 1-3 days but if it takes me longer than I'm probably just busy.

I do have a bit of a busy schedule in general so I will try to not fail you and if I do, then once again, sorry!



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