The Home From The 1960's

When a "loving friend" dare apparently fearless friends Sam and Abby to enter an abandoned home from the 1960's things get weird and possibly scary. Will they regret their actions or will they feel pity?


17. Dangerous Power?

Sam's POV

"Why is she so mad?" Ash asked Tom as Tom was moving around my face observing my eyes and cheeks.

Why my cheeks? I honestly have no idea.

"Well, either her and Michael have souls somehow linked or connected, or she really is a demon but she is very powerful. It could be both even, which would make Michael even more powerful and they would be really dangerous around each other. In order to test that, Michael would have to be here with us for the tests, unfortunately.  She doesn't seem dangerous or powerful or anything significant in general though. She seems so fragile." Tom told him.

"I'm still here creep. Oh and by the way, you know that I am not fragile and I was feared by many and still am feared by some." I pointed out to him, if he really has been watching me, then he should now what I'm talking about.

"Ashton, I think that my last theory might have been correct, go get Michael, we need to start testing today." Tom said to Ash.

"Alright, come on Sam, let's go back and get him, then we'll come back." I nodded to answer Ashton's statement, being too mad and agitated to talk to anyone.

"Nope, little miss Samantha is staying with me, you go alone." When Tom said 'little miss Samantha' it gave me shivers, he has NO right to call me that, no one does.

"Either she comes with me or we both stay here, she won't be left alone with you, I can't fully trust you. If anything happens to her, Michael and the boys with kill me, plus, her friend already has a murderous look in her eyes, I don't want her to join in too. She comes with me Tom." Man, Ash really still scared of getting beat by a girl.

Makes sense though, if he gets punched, he will punch the person back but he doesn't like hurting girls. He is totally against the idea of hitting a girl. Like Batman, he didn't want to hit Cat-woman but he did it.

Yes, I love superheroes, I am not one of those girls who just start liking superheroes just to impress guys. 

I have been in love with DC Comics and Marvel stuff ever since I was 3 years old, I wanted to marry spider-man from age 3-15. I know, when I was 15 I should've known it wouldn't of happened, I really should've known since I was 5 considering I moved and got judged, plus I mentally matured quickly.

"Fine, you better be back within 2 hours, if not, both of you will be plastic and I'm not kidding." Tom told Ashton while him a death glare.

Ash looked at me and nodded, a gesture to get up and walk away from the psychopath.

"Okay, we'll be back before the 2 hours are up," and with that, we were gone.

Ashton's POV (I couldn't not include it!)

What is up with Tom today?

He really wants Sam to be another one of his dolls.

He also seemed happy when he mentioned Sam and Michael's souls being connected so they are dangerous around each other.

Since he is a total psycho, this really isn't good, even if he wasn't, it still wouldn't be good because he can use magic.

"Well, we are flying back to go get Michael so I'll just keep you on my back." I said to Sam, she just seemed so confused, like she needed at least ten minutes to sit down and absorb her situation but she has to keep on moving, I feel so bad for her.

After I told her, she didn't move. She clearly didn't understand what I meant.

"I meant get on my back, when we turn into bats then it will be easier for the both of us. Now come on, it'll be like good old times but now we are older." I explained to Sam.

She just nodded and jumped onto my back.

I thought she would be heavy but she still weighs the same as she was when she was 13. I hope she's doing fine.

I turned us both to bats and I flew us both back to the house.

The short trip was quiet but I didn't expect her to be able to speak English in bat form, it's very hard to do so.

Once we arrived at the house, I turned us back into humans, well I was still a vampire but well I hope you know what I mean.

"Well, let's go inside, shall we?" I asked Sam.

We would always say 'shall we' then to answer we would always say 'we shall.'

I just hope that she didn't forget it.

"We shall." Oh my God she remembered!

We walked inside the house, in other words, my home and went straight to the living room.

There we saw her friend Abby, Luke and Calum but there was no Michael. 

Oh no, I basically took Sam from him, I might have put the dudes in danger and the girl too.

"Dudes, come on, I need to talk to you guys and the girl, stay with Sam in the living room. Don't leave." I told everyone. 

I am the oldest in the house so sometimes it felt like I was the one to act like the father and instruct everyone.

They all nodded in response, Sam sat on the couch with Abby and Luke and Calum got off of the couch and followed me upstairs, to the very top and we went into my room. Which was actually clean, unlike the other rooms in this old mansion.

Once I closed and locked the door, I started off with the most important question I had on my weird mind.

"Where is Michael?" Yup, it was important though, can't argue with that.

"Well, he through a tantrum, got really pissed off and went downstairs, he locked the basement door and told us to not bother him." Calum started.

"We didn't bother him of course, there was a guest and there still is a guest, two of them to be exact. We have our fun but this time, we didn't want to get hurt in front of Abby." Luke finished.

"What did you guys do?" I asked them.

They always get Michael mad, just for fun though.

It can be pretty funny but in the end, one of them always gets hurt, even Calum. He may be a ghost but he still gets hurt.

"We didn't do anything this time! I swear on my afterlife that we didn't do it!" Calum said to me waving his hands around in the air like a total idiot.

I gave him a look of disapproval because I know that they're lying, if it wasn't them then who would piss off Michael.

"He is telling the truth Ashton, you are the cause of the problem this time." Luke is SO WRONG!

It couldn't of been me! I did nothing that could of bothered Michael!

"I didn't do anything guys, start telling the truth." I confronted them, there was no way in Hell that they were going to blame this stuff on me.

"We are Ash! You took Samantha away from him! He was tamed but you untamed him dude! Plus, you took her to Tom! Of all people Ash, you chose Tom!" Calum started yelling.

Oh shit, I did do the wrong this time didn't I?

"Fuck." I muttered under my breath.

"Let's go get Michael, we need him for tests. Before you ask, yes I am taking Michael and Sam to Tom, I won't let anything happen but we will be turned into plastic dolls if I don't get them both to the church before the 2 hours I was given. So let me go get them both." I told them.

Luke opened his mouth to speak but I simply just said "Great! It's a plan!" To make sure he doesn't speak the obvious fact that I couldn't actually get Michael to come by myself.

And with that, we went back downstairs to the main floor.

Michael would never agree to see Tom again, I have to find a better plan.



It's Sam again and I know, it has been taking me a while to update but I have been busy and stuff.

I just started writing this thinking that it wasn't good and no one would like it but hey! I was wrong and people seem to like it so I promise that I will try harder!

Thank you so, so, so much for the comments and likes as well as favorites!

Anyways, the next chapter will be longer than usual, it might take a while to actually get to see that chapter but I have been re watching Spider Man so I will put that on hold!




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