Heartbreak girl

Your name is Anna Irwin ,
Yes , your the younger sister from Ashton Irwin ,
You and the lads have been best friends since middle school ,
What if one of them starts to fall for you ?


10. U are mine

Anna's POV: 

I heard fans cheer and obviously some of them booed but i did not care .

I looked at Luke seeing him having a nervous facial expression .

I did not realize that i have been quiet for a while now .

Luke looked a bit hurt . I think the reason was because he thinks that i am rejecting him so he started to say

"I mean uhh i-i understand if you don't feel th-"

I stopped him before he could finish the sentence and crashed my lips onto his .

I wrapped my arms around his neck. At first he was looked shocked but kissed me back .

We pulled away from each other and breathed heavily .

I noticed how much he was sweating and he smiled at me.

"I guess this mean that we are a .... thing." He said raising his brow.

"I guess that this does means that we are a .... thing" I said giving him a huge smile .

We hugged each other .

All the fans went crazy even the once that booed at us before .

Mikey, Ash , Cal and Jessy all cheered .

"I KNEW THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEN !!" Ashton shouted at us which caused us to blush like mad .

I walked back behind the stage where Jessy had a smirk on her face .

"This song was totally not for you " Jessy said rolling her eyes at me .

"Hey what about you and Ashton ? You obviously have a huge thing for him " I said to her and she blushed.

"Yeah well this is different , Aston probably does not feel the same way ." She sighed.

I giggled trying not to laugh.

She has no idea that i recorded her saying that on my phone. 

I recorded this because i know that Ashton wouldn't believe me anything without proof.

"Hey don't worry i will talk to him about it ." I said smirking at her.

"Really You would do that for me ?" She asked all excited .

"Anything for you " I said laughing at how excited she is .

"Anyway bye girl i gotta go home " She said.

I waved her bye and went to the boys .

I felt hands wrap around my waist and heard Luke whisper into my ear

"Finally you are mine " He breathed heavily .

I blushed and turned around to face him .

I pecked his lips  . He started to kiss me and i kissed him back.

"Okaayyy ,we had enough of you guys making out " Ashton said disgusted pulling us apart from each other .

Luke, Mikey, Cal and I giggled . 

~20 minutes of driving back home~

"So Ashton about Jes-" Ashton cut me by saying

" I FOUND A NEW GIRLFRIEND !!!" He said very excited.


-------Hello people i hope that you liked this Chapter and if it was not then .... uhhhhh sorry for wasting ur time? Anyway what do you think will happen to Jashton? ( Yes that will be their ship name )

How will Jessy react when she find out that he has a Girlfriend ?? Anyway I am SUPER happy that this story has nearly 1000 views !! OMIGOD !!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!! Thank you for even reading this book !! If you like this book please give it a like . :)

Thanks !!
-Rainicorn ---------





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