Heartbreak girl

Your name is Anna Irwin ,
Yes , your the younger sister from Ashton Irwin ,
You and the lads have been best friends since middle school ,
What if one of them starts to fall for you ?


7. Thanks for being a friend

Luke's POV :

~ 3 weeks have later ~

3 weeks have already passed and Anna is still lying around her bed, eating chocolate and watching movies . 

Is this what girls do after a breakup ? I mean i understand that she is sad and all but she can't stay like this forever. 

"Hey dude you okay ?" Ashton asks me while grabbing a sprite from the fridge .

"Yeah" I replied .

"Oh really ? " He asks raising a brow .

"Do you know if your sister is okay " I asked him which caused him to smirk.

"Don't worry Luke you can check on her "

Ashton says winking at me with a 'I'know'what'is'going'on' face expression.

"What?" I asked curious .

"It's ok Luke you don't have to hide it from me. Just don't hurt her or else i swear i will kill you . "

I blushed a bit and Ash chuckled  .

I went to my room ( the guest room which me Cal and Mikey share )

and continued writing some lyrics for our new song .

I continued writing and writing until i heard Anna shout at her TV " U LIAR !!"

I think i should at least try to get her out of her room and do something .

So i went upstairs and knocked on her door .

"Come on in " I heard Anna saying with chocolate stuffed inside her mouth .

"Hello " I said looking around her room seeing everything unorganized and messy .

Ugh ..

What was so special about this Max or Marcus or whatever this guys name was that he could make her into this mess?...

I sat down on her bed and sighed.

"Anna , I know that you are really upset right now but can you just go out of your room for one day ? Please !!"
"Thanks but no thanks ." She said while stuffing more chocolate into her mouth .

I rolled my eyes at her.

"It's your choice if you wan't to get over this breakup and have fun or lay down on your bed everyday doing nothing. "

I said getting up from her bed and going to the door .

"Wait ." She said before i left the room .

I smiled hoping she would realize that we belong to together .

Okay that sounded a bit weird .

"Thanks Luke for being a friend and helping me " She said smiling at me.

"No problem " i said giving her a fake smile and closed her door .

Maybe i don't deserve her .


Thank you for reading this chapter!!! If you are even reading this chapter ...

Anyway i hope u enjoyed it :)




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